Tuesday, November 3, 2009


There's a lot of green in my files...

Green olives

Praying mantis

Green chairs

Green lemons

Foti wearing a green shirt holding a strange green bug.

Green bottle

And finally, a gratuitous shot of Gigi with the green praying mantis.


  1. lovely photo - great idea to do a colour post, esp with your photography skills!

  2. Thank you Maria...really, I noticed so much green I've done nothing with. Thank you for the compliment:)

  3. I love those olives. I've seen them in the market place and was so tempted and close to buying some but then I'm the only one eating them so I passed. Is that a grasshopper Photi is holding? I was so afraid of them when I was a child.

  4. Good morning Ivy!
    I love them too, Izabella picked these at our neighbor's over the weekend. Our trees didn't produce this year. Actually, I tend to eat more olives than anyone in this house too!
    Foti is holding a grasshopper type bug. It looks like a walking stick, but hops like a grasshopper! Strange looking and the 1st time I ever saw one of these I was squeamish, but since the kids handle them all of the time I've overcome my fears. But, that doesn't mean I like them! :)

  5. Lovely pictures. They really capture Greek life.

  6. Liz,
    Thank you. Yes, they definitely represent the Greek life we're living.

  7. I love green :)
    I did a post a while back on it http://www.ekkentroslife.com/2009/05/colour-green.html

  8. @Renia-
    I had a look at your post and I have to say, what lovely things. I've always wanted to do a color post as it's been suggested by a friend of mine. So, I saw so much green I had to do it. Have a great night!

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I'm not quite an expert yet- but you never know how the future will unfold. :)
    Thank you.

  9. How lovely most green thing are and your photos remind us of that!

    But...ever had a "green" grasshopper stuck in your house at night? They can be very elusive and frustrating to track down. Is Gigi the proficient huntress that scares off these critters for you?

  10. Biddy,

    Thank you!
    No grasshoppers in the house, but crickets and recently a toad in the house...and Gigi is definitely the huntress as she found it and barked until I caught it. She's better than Tarzan at alerting us:)
    Have a good night Biddy~

  11. Foti is holding a praying mantis! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantis

    We have lots and lots of them and in the fall I always try and stick as many as I find on the rosebushes as then when they lay their eggs (on the leaves) the babies will all eat the rose aphids in the spring when they're born!

    They're considered the organic gardeners friend (though mantis' eats good insects as well as bad ones. Still I have a lot of rose bushes...and LOTS of aphids.)

  12. Jessica,

    That's interesting, I'll have to have the kids collect them and stick them all over the rose bushes! I didn't know that. So the green bug that Foti has is a praying mantis? It doesn't look like the one- it's more stick-like than the mantis in the other pics. I need to check it out, thanks for the link! :) Have a great day...