Friday, November 6, 2009


Thursday afternoon Maria posted a photo of the snow covered mountains above Hania. I mentioned that, ironically, I had taken a photo of Mt. Olympus at sunrise for the same reason, the snow.  She said that she would like to see it, so here are some photos that I snapped at sunrise Thursday morning.


The early morning glow reveals Mt. Olympus and all of her snow covered glory. This morning the kids squealed with excitement when they noticed the snow. 

The moon on her way out for the day.


  1. At last and a Sunrise!!
    Everyone, but me, likes the Sunset and I believe that during sunrise, they are sleeping. That's the reason.

    Επί τέλους και μια Ανατολή!!
    Όλοι, εκτός από 'μένα, αρέσουν την Δύση και πιστεύω ότι κατά την Ανατολή κοιμούνται. Αυτός είναι ο λόγος.

    I, also, can see the Olympus mountain with a little snow, from home, but in a different angle.
    My home is at the opposite side than yours. Near the White Tower.

    Have a nice day, with many Sunrises.........

  2. Good morning Cheryl! I love the "place where the sun rises"! Great shot. Have a great long weekend!


    Kalimera! I'm so happy that you appreciate the sunrise. In Greece it's extraordinarily beautiful. Yes, most people are sleeping and don't know what they're missing, the orange glow warms any room and I love it.
    I love that we have a view of Mt. Olympus and I'm sure yours is just as stunning from the other side!

    Have a wonderful day & enjoy the weekend!

    @ Phivos,

    Good morning!! We also love the "place where the sun rises" and are happy to live in such a place. I can imagine it's extraordinary in Cyprus~

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. What magnificent views you have! Hopefully the snow won't be on our doorsteps for a while. The kids wouldn't mind though!

  5. Lovely pictures Cheryl. I love sunrises as well and as we don't have any view from our apartment in Athens, when we are on vacation, I always get up early to take some shots.

  6. @ Liz-yes we do have magnificent views and we love it. I know the kids wouldn't mind snow, ours miss it. We usually get to see snow in Kozani during the holidays. Have a nice weekend :)

    @ Ivy-
    Thank you! I used to do the same, especially when we came here for vacations. I don't think I can ever have enough photos of sunrises. Maybe you'll capture a beautiful one in Roma!
    Kalo taxidi!

  7. What lovely photographs Cheryl. There certainly is something so precious when you are fortunate enough to appreciate it from your very own window!

    I'm glad you posted one of the moon "on her way out for the day," I don't think she is admired by many at that hour of the day.
    In the summer, we make an extra effort to catch the moonrise, especially the full moon. In the beginning of the summer it pops up from behind the Lefka Ori, by midsummer it's over the Akrotiri, and finally by summer's end she rises up from the sea. Honestly, it is such a beautiful sight and always fills me with awe.

  8. Biddy,
    Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoy the photos. I agree, most people probably don't have the chance to admire the moon at that hour.
    I love watching the moon rise in the summer too, especially when it's red! I love that.
    The kids are always pointing out the moon in the morning, they love when they can see both the sun & moon simultaneously and I have to agree with them, it is cool.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Gorgeous views and pictures! Like the new blog look.
    Hope you are well.

  10. Hi Angela!
    Thank you, today's sunrise was much more dramatic and beautiful-with hues of pink & orange mixed in the clouds. But, I was getting everyone ready for the day so no time to grab the camera.
    Thanks for the remark about the blog, I've been wanting to change it FOREVER-the pink stuff was making me sick. haha
    Thanks for the well wishes, I hope that I'm well too because I keep getting sick! But, I feel much better today. I hope that you are all able to stay well this winter.
    Have a FANTASTIC week. I'll be over to your blog shortly...:)

  11. very beautiful photography here. well done

  12. Vaggelis-

    Kalimera...thank you for the compliment. I'm flattered, especially coming from you! Your work is inspiring.:)
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Thanks Cheryl,
    I am awful about getting up & staying up- Thanks for reminding me to take some pictures of the Taygetos & Parnon- when I had stayed in Sparti many years ago, I would walk around just catching different glimpses- it is too magical- Thanks for reminding to look out from my taratsa- I will soon be picking oranges, squeezing juice and reveling!
    By the way, i am in the Central Library of Sparta, there is a small display from a English frontisterion featuring carved pumkins, lanterns and candies as well as small articles explaining Halloween!

  14.'re quite welcome. It's much easier for me to catch the sunrise during the winter months since I have to wake up before sunrise.
    Listening to your description is beautiful-and I can imagine magical. You're so lucky to have oranges available for freshly squeezed juice-I think we have everything except for oranges, will have to plant a tree.
    It must be nice to see the Halloween display...I haven't seen any where I am.
    Have a fantastic Friday!