Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lobo on one of his first nights in the compound. He was still a little nervous. 

I'd like to introduce you to our newest resident, "Lobo".  Lobo is a stray that was hanging around outside of our gate for nearly a week. He grew so comfortable with us that whenever we opened the gate to leave, he would run in and we couldn't get him out. 
I fed him and I rubbed his head and now he's definitely not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. He's wearing a collar so I assume he's lost. I've been to the vet to report that we have him. Lobo is welcome to stay until we find his owners (hopefully). 

We decided to name him yesterday because we were calling him "the dog" for more than a week. 
The kids think that he looks like a wolf to them so they decided to call him "Lobo" which means "wolf" in Spanish. 

I believe that he's a Belgian Shepard, he's gorgeous and still quite young. He has a bad habit of jumping on me when he sees me but since I've been working with him, he's not jumping as much. (although it's still irritating...  
he's a big dog!)

He's adorable, gentle and already very good to the children. As you can see, he's relaxed a lot since we've taken him in. Although I don't mind keeping him, I hope to find his rightful owners as he's probably missed.  If any of my readers know of anyone missing a dog please leave a comment or show them this post. He could be from the areas of Mixaniona, Epanomi or Mesimeri. In the meantime, he's getting a lot of love & hugs from us. 


  1. What an impressive guest! I am glad you are able to care for him until his owners find him!

  2. These are tough times and 'tis the season. He may be lost, but my cynical 'Spidey' senses thinks someone may have scoped you out and left him.

    Thank goodness he's a good guest (well except for the part about jumping on you... wish I could send you some either "It's me or the dog" or "Dog Whisperer" episodes, we are lucky to get on sky TV!)

    I will be surprised if his owners are found. Still you may get lucky!

    He is a cutie tho! Of course, I'm a sucker for big dogs (ergo our huge Bernese!).

  3. One sec........ok, I just had to pick myself off the floor from laughing so freakin' hard. Congratulations...he's beautiful. :) Oh and good luck finding the owner.....sincerely.


  4. Finally, this beautiful stray found your family.
    Don't try to find owner.
    Keep him, giving a good shelter and he will re-pay you with love.
    On the other hand, you need someone to keep an eye on your lovely children, while they are growning up.
    Have a nice afternoon.

  5. Lovely..big dog!
    So glad you can care from him, I've seen some recently but unfortunately we don't have enough land..Hope he gets home soon.. x

  6. ok, this one looks a bit of a sweetie - those eyes look like they are talking to you

  7. He's beautiful...

  8. He is so lucky to find you Cheryl and your lovely family. Hugs.

  9. Looks like a "working dog" to me. Is there a local herder that could shed some light on the problem?