Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gigi sniffs out a Hummingbird Hawk-moth!

Monday morning Gigi was running around grunting and semi-barking. She paced back and forth around the couch. She jumped on the couch and then she jumped down. All that I could think was, "What now?!" So, I was pleasantly surprised when a little Hummingbird Hawk-moth fluttered itself up against our window. That's what Gigi was after! It was adorable to watch her with the moth because although she seemed irritated that she couldn't catch up to it, she was curious at the same time. I'm glad that I was able to get a few shots and this one is my favorite. There's never a dull moment en mi casa! Ay!

Thanks to Maria V's nudging...and I mean that in a good way...I'm going to participate in Camera Critters Meme. So, this is my first entry. I hope that everyone enjoys this picture.

Camera Critters

Thank you for the inspiration Maria!


  1. A fantastic shot of the moth, with the wings and the reflection. Gigi ain't so bad herself.

  2. you take good nature shots, especially since your children show such interest in critters, given their ages. mine have the same interest, which is why I take photos of animals.

  3. Syd, thank you. I like the reflection a lot as well. I agree-Gigi's not looking shabby either.

    Maria, Thank you. I really do enjoy taking these shots and the kids love them. You take nice photos too!

  4. Another calendar shot. You're a good photographer!

  5. babbling aimlessly? NO Chreyl, ranting and raving meaningfully is what you should have said.

    i feel exactly the same way as you do on this problem. greeks love their kids to death - and i know all about the 'heavy' families; my family was always in that category.

    here's another crazy opinion i heard the other day: 'i cooked lentil soup yesterday - i can't give my family the same food again'. How come i can???????

    and you've also hit on a raw nerve there: americans (and many other people in the world) may not be the best eaters, but they do respect other people's choices. in general, greeks do not do this. they will immediately jump in with their own (usually illogical, insensitive, groundless) advice on how something can be done better. The word 'different' is never used, only the comparative 'better' is well known among them.

    And I don't believe I'm ranting: some people simply don't want to listen to sensible advice...

  6. Hi Cheryl, nice shot as always! Good luck for your participation in Camera Critters Meme.

  7. Maria, thank you for understanding. Some people don't want to hear it. Just last night, my son decided he wanted to try to jump on a friend's couch. When I asked him to stop she -in front of him- said," Hasto to pethi". No, my son isn't going to think that it's ok to jump on our couch or anyone else's.She had a bowl full of candy and my kids kept taking more and more so when I finally took the bowl and put it on the fridge she said, "but I bought it for them". I said, "Thank you but they can't have so much". And then came the cookies and pitas. I do really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the hospitality but sometimes the sugar is just way too much. So, thank you for your comments.
    And some of us in my immediate family have issues with weight, but not all of us.(half- 4 out of 8) My mother always gave us a balanced meal and we didn't eat out much and she made sure that we didn't eat too much junk food, although it was always available for treats in our home. My father is very athletic...he ran a marathon at age 49 and walks a few miles daily. My family is and always was very active...hardly a Saturday when anyone sits around. We were very active as children and I'm trying to keep mine that way. My husband's family is very inactive, they like to sit around and chat over coffee all day. It's been difficult blending these habits but I'm not giving up.

    Philip-Thank you! I'm glad to know that you made it back safely from your trip. I hope that you were able to enjoy yourselves!

  8. asto paidi - i've heard that one so many times, that i prefer not to visit these people any longer.