Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Rain

The rain has been in the forecast for a few days and we've been anxiously waiting for its arrival. I didn't water the garden for two days in anticipation. Yesterday, we stayed in all day as the clouds seemed to drift past us. We heard rumbles of thunder in the distance and the strong winds cooled us all day. Finally, our storm arrived during the early evening. As it hasn't rained here in well over one month we were all giddy when it finally started pouring down. Although this is the beginning of a long, wet winter we welcome the rain.

After the storm passed we dug out our long sleeved pajamas and the kids cuddled on the couch. I made a hearty dinner that included pork schnitzel and white rice, a meal that was a little too heavy to eat in the heat of summer. Autumn is one of may favorite seasons in Wisconsin and yesterday's storm brought a coolness that reminded me of home...I'm loving it.


  1. it hasn't rained at all here in over four months; the dust and heaviness of the weatehr get to me sometimes too, especially since i was born in a very wet city (wellington, nz).

    i know what you mean about heavy meals; i find the same problem with a lot of the food i woul dlike to eat, but in the summer, you just can't, so i guess i'm waiting to have a hearty winter soup with plenty of good bread and cheese to mop it up...

  2. You're lucky for the rain. After a day so humid it was like being in a sauna, yesterday we had 10 minutes of thunder and lightning and a drizzle of rain - more would have been most welcome. The good thing is that the humidity was gone today. Coming from Alaska to Greece while it's still summer is really a shock for my system. (I took a lady bug picture today and thought of you!)

  3. Maria, I know how it gets- we were dusty last week too. Keeping the car clean was impossible so we just stopped rinsing it after a while. Now the roads are muddy but at least we're not eating dust.Since it's cooler I now have motivation to clean my house more thoroughly :)
    About the heavy vs light meals-I think I'll start packing on the weight that I think that I lost during the summer!

    Laurie, I'm so glad that you are at your other home! Your tomatoes looked so wonderful, I wish that I had mine back. Although they're still growing, they're much smaller now.
    We had the humidity on Saturday and Sunday and it was awful. I starting sweating after I got out of the shower...that humid. Bleck. I know that your system is in shock, mine used to be coming from WI. I think that I've been her too long now because I feel cold when the temp. is in the mid 70's. I can't swim in this weather-it's too cold for me. Last year, I'd still be in the water!
    I can't wait to see your ladybug picture! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Hmm, summer must be gone because my tomato plants look sickly. But it doesn't feel like autumn yet because of the dryness and heat (California).

    Speaking of acclimating, Zoe always laughs at me because, despite being of Norwegian descent, and thus presumably cold-hardy, I always start shivering when the temperature drops below 75 or so. Just like you, Cheryl! (BTW, my dad is from WI.)

  5. Lulu, haha! My tomatoes are looking horrible! They need the heat and the sun. Since Monday, when this storm came through, it's been windy and cool and the tomatoes are struggling. We've had the fire going in the fireplace for a few days now. Fall literally came in a snap this year. I'm freezing! And yes, 75 and a breeze isn't warm for me anymore so I'm with you there.
    So, your the product of a cheesehead? :) We sure get around don't we?

  6. It's amazing how one adapts to life in a different place to what one's ancestors lived in. I'm from Greek and Middle Eastern stock but mid 70s weather is too warm for my taste; I prefer when the temperature sits between 53 and 59 (12-15 deg Celsius). Also, this may sound contrary, but when you want to warm up, you should take a cold shower, because it stimulates your circulation, and when you feel hot, you should do the opposite, rub hot water towels over your skin and eat spicy food and drink hot tea, which actually helps your body's cooling system, weird as it sounds. It works!

    Hope you have a fantabulous autumn!

  7. Greek Goddess, I agree. I used to be sooooo comfortable in the temperatures that you prefer. I would take the kids for a walk in the winter as long as the temp. was at least 35. I love bundling up. As for what you mentioned-taking a cold shower when you're feeling cold- I know how it works but can any of us stand to take a cold shower when we're cold? The mind is powerful isn't it? :) But, I can totally eat spicy foods and drink hot tea when it's hot without a problem.
    I was just thinking about the using the word fantabulous yesterday! :) My husband hates when I use "words" like that...I love it. I use "gianormous" frequently. You have a great autumn too!