Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fifteen minutes of fame?

Do you remember a post back in October that discussed my husband and his double? My friend Phivos Nicholaides worked hard at putting together a great post about my husband, his resemblance to Costa Caramanlis and some of his/our experiences as a result of his likeness. We all had a fun reading it and most of you agreed that my husband's resemblance to Mr. Caramanlis was "uncanny".  It seems that someone from the TV station ANT 1 read Phivos' post and was interested in my husband's likeness to the prime minister as well.  Kosta will be on the morning show 6 με 10 Μαζί  tomorrow morning...around 7:30am! 
If you are in Greece and happen to be up that early check it out! I know that ANT 1 is available by satellite outside of Greece also, so if you have it and watch the show, enjoy! 

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A special THANK YOU to Phivos! Thank you for all of your hard work and most of all, for your friendship! 


  1. if i can get my kids to change the channel at the appropriate time, i will watch this!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    You have to tape it and share it, please! I won't be able to watch but I will be waiting for a full report with baited breath!
    Take care,

  3. What Fun! Congratulations on the TV experience - Break a Leg!
    Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

  4. Sure wish I was in Greece to see the show. Maybe you can tape it and post the video on line!! I bet he'll have a great time and I know your kids will love watching their dad on TV.

  5. and i really do hope you get it online (i wasn't able to watch the whole show)

  6. Too right! I too at first thought it was the Al Capone of Athens! But it turned out to be a really nice guy! ;)

    The best to you all!

  7. Thank you Cheryl for your kind and generous comments on me!! I have watched this mornign the documentary on TV and it was just amazing! I have to admit Kostas was very cool and he proved to have a great personality! Good for all of you. I enjoyed it very much!

  8. I have been visiting your blog for the past few weeks and reading the story on your move to Greece. We will also relocate there this summer and I loved reading about your experience and what I have to look forward to. I noticed that a few of your friends would not be able to see your husband on TV so I decided to see if I could capture the segment over the web...

    I was able to stream the show online, but the quality is not that great and the signal kept dropping. Sorry about the background noise, my husband was translating for me and this was the first time I used HyperCam to captured video from my desktop. So you may hear our comments from time to time :)
    I hope you enjoy it, I posted it in 2 parts on YouTube
    Part 1 and here is Part 2

  9. Maria, I'm glad that you were able to watch some of it! I wasn't able to record it but it looks like one of my readers did! How cool is that? He'll be on Papadakis tomorrow morning! Unbelievable, hey?

    Angela, yes! It's thrilling and we're having fun with it.

    Toma, thank you so much! It's a great experience and the kids loved seeing their dad on TV. We've been excited all day!
    BTW...It's great to have you here:)

    R, I laughed out loud reading your comment. My husband does have an intimidating look at times but yes, he's a really nice guy. Thank you!!

    Philip, Thank YOU! I'm so glad that you enjoyed watching him on TV. Thank you for your original post...a thousand thanks!

    Belpana, First I'd like to say WELCOME to the blog. It's nice to have you as a reader. Relocating to Greece is definitely a challenge and I wish you the very best. I'll check our your blog when I have a chance:)

    Second, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for recording the segment as I wasn't able to. You've done a great thing! Really. I'll probably stick a link to the videos in my next post. As I told Maria, he's going to be on "Kalimera Ellada" tomorrow morning....hopefully I can record that! Now that VCR's are a thing of the past and I no longer have DVR AND my DVD player doesn't record...I've been living in the past. I'll probably set up my video camera much like you did. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you did, THANK YOU!!

  10. Laurie, Foti's expression was priceless when he came home. Iza was a bit more reserved and held her excitement in. Alexandra, well I don't think that she knew what was going on. She was just happy that I was home. :)

  11. thats so interesting

    and you look gorgeous in that picture with him!

  12. Thank you John...once upon a time...a long, long time ago...

  13. I am happy to have been able to do it. I love to fiddle around software and the pc, so it was a fun experiment.

    I don't know if you have the second interview, but I captured that also, this time around I did not talk and the interview was so short the signal did not drop, so
    I have the entire interview (or so I think, I don't speak greek and my husband did not watch it, they seem to quickly cut away for the commercial break, without a wrap up...I am taking Greek classes, nut I really don't understand conversations yet, so I think that I got all of the interview...)

    Your husband is so cool, he even fixes his tie, I guess it is nothing for him to be on TV now! It must be all so exciting for your family!

    So please click the link below to see the Kalimera Ellada Interview

  14. Belpana...Thank you! I just left a text comment with the third video. I have to get my act together to post these links! I am forever grateful! :)

  15. just saw all the videos on youthube - great stuff cheryl (and kosta!)

  16. maria, I never said thank you...THANK YOU!!!!! :)