Monday, February 9, 2009

So maybe a little more than fifteen minutes...

Here are the videos that you've all been waiting for. They've been recorded by Belpana, a blog reader that came out of lurking to help me out. What she has done is beyond generous...thank you again Belpana! What a fantastic surprise!

Here are some pictures that I took at the the TV station.

I was sitting outside of the studio watching and giggling with myself as there was nobody else around for a while. 
As we were leaving the station one of the ANT1 employees stopped us and handed Kosta a phone. It was someone from the Kalimera Ellada show and they wanted to have Kosta on the show Monday morning. Of course, he accepted the invitation. 
While we were stopping for coffee, my phone rang. It was someone from another channel. They wanted Kosta to appear on their morning show also. Unfortunately, he couldn't have been in two places at once so he had to decline the invitation.  
This was a lot of fun for us and the kids were absolutely thrilled to see their father on TV. Izabella told her classmates and they didn't believe her. Foti was just beside himself. Belpana recorded a segment of his appearance on Kalimera Ellada.( a million thanks again Belpana!!!) Here it is...enjoy! 


  1. What a great post Cheryl. Fantastic! My best regards to the 'Prime Minister' of Greece Mr. Kostas!!!

  2. What a laugh! That's a story that will become a family history. Congratulations!!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I love it! Thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree with Jude the kids will forever be talking about the time that Daddy was on TV! So much fun.
    Boy, your husband is one cool customer, I would have been so nervous. He seemed so relaxed and at home on television, maybe there is a new career in his future?
    Take care,

  4. This is classic - what a claim to fame!
    Congrats on a successful show!
    Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

  5. Great great great videos. Really loved them!!! What fun!!!

  6. OK this is officially too cool for words. I have no reservations either he'd make a much better PM!

  7. Angela, thank you! He is one cool dude:) He's comfortable with himself and he's used to a lot of attention. He's also very diplomatic when necessary. I'm proud to be his wife:)

    Toma, thank you! The claim to fame is actually a blessing. He's had positive feedback thus far. It's fun :)

    Laurie, YES! Fun -lots of fun, even for our friends and family that don't know Greek.

    R, Thank you! It's funny, we heard that they showed a clip from one of the shows on "Ola9" and they commented that our Kosta would probably make a better PM. We didn't see that but heard a lot about it. I'm so glad that my husband has a great sense of humor.

  8. Phivos, Thank you!!! He wouldn't have been on TV without your post! It's been great fun! He can't wait to meet you one day:)

    Jude, Yes! This will make a great story. It's already funny how the kids were so upset that none of their classmates believed them. I'm sure that they'll remember that part of it. It's been exciting...thank you for tuning in.

    Belpana....thanks again!

  9. Oh My Gawd....he looks so much like Karamanlis!

    I'm sure he's more productive than the PM. ;)

    Thanks for your kind comments too! I'll drop by more often.

  10. Peter, you're very welcome! And yes... my husband is much more productive! :) It's nice to see you here.