Thursday, February 5, 2009


One thing that I love about eating out at a taverna is that dessert is always included.  Recently,  Kataifi and vanilla  ice cream were a perfect way to end a fantastic meal. 


  1. perfect!

    a restaurant owner recently told me an interesting story about hospitality. when first-time-in-Greece tourists ask for the bill, and they see a tray of dessert and raki/tsipouro/tsikoudia coming to their table, their faces take on a frightful look, and they say "we didn't order that"


  2. Yummy, don't!!
    I'm desperately trying tobe 'good' at themoment, but seeing that! I would love some..............

  3. Maria, you're right,that is the reaction of many first-time visitors. Back home I rarely, and I mean rarely...ordered dessert. It's not because it has to be ordered it's because I'm usually to full. With friends we might order one dessert and split it because typically the servings are way more than one person needs. Here, I can't wait for my treat at the end of a meal, it's not to heavy and it's just the right size.

    Jude, lol! I know, looking at the picture really doesn't help me either. I'd love more!

  4. If you keep going out to tavernas having such beautiful desserts, mind your weight, my dear friend!!

  5. Hi Cheryl,

    I haven't checked your blog in a really long time! What a zoo you have! Hope all is well. We miss you! L, P, C, and S

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    Yummy indeed!
    I think American restaurants should start doing the same thing but then again, the portions are huge here so maybe not such a good idea!
    What's the update on the dogs?! I'm dying to know.
    Take care,

  7. I would love some fresh kataifi. I love bringing back some trays to the States.

  8. Philip, I'm laughing over here, I think that when I go to a taverna my weight is the last thing that's on my mind. :) Everything in moderation...

    2 Bears, it's soooooo good to hear from you! Glad we were able to talk earlier! yes, we have a zoo here! The kids love it. Iza asked if C could come and meet her dogs:)Miss you too!

    Angela, I've had dessert included with meals at Greek-owned restaurants back home but it was almost painful to eat because of the portions. I would often choose to take the dessert home and save it for later. A good waitress will bring the boxes to the table with her ready to pack them to go! Gosh, I miss good service.
    About the dogs...the rescue agency called tonight. They're sending photos to a family that might be interested in Asproula. I'll let you know how it all works out! Ciao!

    Peachy, hey! It's been a while! How's Chicago? I know...cold. But beautiful I'm sure!
    It's always great to bring kataifi back to the States. I used have my MIL bring those and koukourbinia with her when she visited. Yum! (i can't tell you how fast we devoured them!)

  9. I think the thing I miss most about Greece are the deserts. Some of the restaurants in our "Greektown" also serve deserts with the bill. We have a fair number of Greek bakeries here in T-dot but none come close to the real thing...ciao

  10. Rositta, I agree! It's just not the same. Even the meal isn't the same, if it's outside of Greece, must be the water:)

  11. This is the second picture of kataifi I've looked at in the last half hour of catching up on my favorite blogs. And since I happen to have a box of kataifi thawed in the refrigerator, I think someone is sending me a message. MMMMmmmm that ice cream does look like perfect partner.

  12. 'Twas never big on Hellenic sweets but this looks really good!

    Save some - we'll be right over!


    PS. Looks a wee bit cold in Thessaloniki - only 17! Brrrr! ;)

  13. Laurie, so did you have it? Was it wonderful? I love kataifi! It definitely must have been a sign...

    R....I'm not big on a lot of them, but I have a weakness when it comes to syrup.
    You're welcome to come by whenever you want!
    And yes, it's been chilly for a few weeks. Our house NEVER feels warm.