Friday, June 19, 2009

Have a Nice Weekend...

These photos were taken 2 weekends ago...our first visit to the beach this season. Looking forward to more of this in the days ahead.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Oh, Cheryl what evocative photos...and I live here!!
    Jelly fish..yuk! after being severely stung by one, nasty reaction! Hate them!!

  2. Hi Jude!
    Thank you...I'm glad that you like the pics. I don't like Jellyfish either... I'vebeen stung a lot!!(even have scars) These, however, don't sting. Izabella was handling this one. So, if you see one of these floating near you, don't worry!! :)

  3. i've never been stung by jellyfish, and hop i never will be, even though most of our summers are spent by the sea!

  4. Aaah yes, the best part of Greece, the beaches...soon...ciao

  5. Maria, I hope that you are never stung either...painful, very, very painful!

    Rositta, It's always nice to see you over can't forget to let me know when you're in the north!!!

  6. Phivos...yes, always nice to be on the beach:)