Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Dogs

After months of waiting, I am pleased to finally present to you a dog update. Many of my friends/readers have inquired about our canines since my post in January when I took in Tarzan & Asproula. I had originally tried to put Asproula up for adoption but I only received two phone calls from the rescue organization, both of which were inquiries regarding her status and whether or not she was still available.

So, here are some photos that I've pulled from my collection as well as a few words about each pooch. Enjoy.


As Gigi is our first dog, she's the most spoiled of the three. She's the only dog allowed indoors and is always next to me. If I sit, she's on my lap, beside me or on my feet. She suffers from separation anxiety when I'm not available or if she can see me but can't be near me. It can be cute as well as irritating since her whining and crying won't stop unless she gets what she wants. I've probably enabled this behavior because she's so adorable.

She's much faster than Tarzan.

She has a bad habit of tearing through barriers that keep her from being near me. Above, she chewed through the plastic mesh on the gate while I was visiting our neighbors.

Here, she tore a hole in the screen. This happened when we had some neighbors pop in unannounced. As I offered them coffee on the balcony, Gigi was inside barking frantically. She wouldn't stop. Actually, all three of the dogs were barking. It was clear that these people weren't animal lovers and the dogs sensed that. The neighbors didn't stay long since we couldn't carry a decent conversation with all of the barking. As I walked them out to the gate, Gigi tore this hole in the screen in an attempt to save me from the non-dog loving visitors. She might be small, but she's mighty and relentless when she senses that we may be in any kind of trouble. I hate having to tell Kosta when she does this, but he just curses once and changes the screen as soon as he can. She's lucky that she's so cute.


Remember this puppy? Well, he's grown into a giant puppy. He's about 8 months old now and huge!



It's this face that keeps him out of trouble. If there's something that you don't want or wouldn't mind having torn apart, send it to us. He's excellent at destroying things.

Here's a list of recent damages:
  • Alexandra's new shoes
  • A beach hat
  • A whole beach bag and its entire contents-flippers, masks, sunscreen, beach mats etc...
  • 2 potted plants...geraniums. He even chewed up the plastic planters and the plants were nowhere to be found. I hope that they were delicious.
  • Kosta's leather sandals
  • Yia yia's fuzzy slippers
  • The sprinklers in the front yard
  • All of the hoses that were attached to the sprinklers
  • Foti's plastic sword
  • Foti's sunglasses
  • Books
  • 2 door mats
  • 1 throw rug
...and much more. If anything is left outside unattended, it's fair game. So, everyone has finally started to pay more attention to their belongings. His habit of chewing everything in his path is beneficial by helping me instill personal responsibility in our children.

This photo is blurry because I was going to wipe his eyes before taking his photo and he ripped the towel from my hand and a chase ensued.

He thought he'd hide in the brush...

And then he stuck his head out to make sure that he could continue to taunt me.
I spend a lot of time chasing him!

Here he is about 6 months old.

Trying to share Foti's Popsicle.


She's beautiful, sweet and extremely gentle.

Roaming & playing with Gigi.

Friends with Alexandra

Have a look at this face! This is my view of Asproula...she's always begging me for food & hugs. Her worst (& sort of cute) habit is jumping on me. Asproula is the type of dog that twirls and flips in front of you as you walk. Twirling, flipping and jumping with her tongue out is pretty funny to watch. I'd like to find a tutu for her one of these days and put it on video.

Asproula is fairly easy to have around. Our only challenge with her is trying to tweak the "street" dog out of her. Most dogs love to steal food at any opportunity that presents itself, but she's fast & furious and we can't leave food anywhere unless she's on a leash.

When she first came to us she was squeamish and would crouch and hide if we raised our voices. I think that she's finally realized that we won't harm her as we haven't witnessed this behavior for a while. I'm glad that she's comfortable.

Having the three dogs together has been fun as well as challenging. The fun outweighs the challenges and we love that our children have them to love and care for. It's evident that the love and care is reciprocated by the dogs as they keep careful watch over the them. I'll admit, once again, that I was never a "dog" person, although I didn't mind them I just didn't love them. Now, I couldn't imagine life without the love of a dog...they've won me over.
I hope that you've enjoyed this long overdue update.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billings


  1. A lovely story, with amazing photos by so nice people with so beautiful faces. Bravo Cheryl!

  2. They all look so happy and comfortable and the pics with the kids are fabulous.

    Yay! Yay for them, and yay for all of you.

  3. Phivos,
    Thank you for such kind words! You're wonderful! Have a great night...

    Syd, Thank you! I knew you'd like this post. How's Geena? I hope that you're all well:)

    Pumpkin, my sweet pumpkin. I hope that you meet the dogs soon! You could help me chase Tarzan:)

  4. She's great. She's had such a long dry spell between cat chases that she's taken to chasing butterflies. It's cute to see a 14 year old dog chase a butterfly.

    The rest of us are fine, if a bit hot. Our normally mild weather took a turn a few days ago and we've been flirting with 40. S'hot. Really hot.

    I still love Asproula the most, but Rick rightly pointed out that there's no turning back if it was a bad fit. *sigh* I'm glad she's found such a happy, comfortable home with your pack. Just wonder what you're going to do when the next set shows up ;P

  5. Cheryl, I'm partial to Tarzan. I have always loved big dogs and I had a black lab with a face like that once. No dogs in our life now, it would be hard to travel and I'd hate to kennel a pup for two months. Good post and lovely pictures...ciao

  6. Syd, that's so great to hear. Butterflies are fun! I can imagine how cute she is chasing them! Gigi still chases bees and the other 2 chase lizards & cats.
    Ouch! You seem to have hotter weather than we do! We haven't been that hot yet & it's raining almost daily...a little here & there. But, muggy.
    Asproula is a doll. I don't think that it was a bad fit necessarily...just timing and distance. I think that she would love the 2 of you + Geena. She gets along with Gigi & Tarzan perfectly as her she's got such a sweet disposition.
    Another one did show up...and my neighbors car for him! I can't. We saw puppies just last night near a taverna and the kids were begging. I said no, they were with their mother anyway-I wish I could, but I can't! It's tough to see so many neglected animals here-not easy on the heartstrings.:)
    Have a great day!!!!!

    Rositta, Tarzan is so gentle an sweet. He's great because he only barks when necessary...not like Gigi! Regarding pets and traveling...I know! We want to take weekend trips but can't because of the pack. And, because we live in the sticks...it's not like there's anyone around to help us out. That's one drawback. But, they're worth it. Have a fantastic day Rositta:)

  7. Gosh,what a photogenic family you are!!Gorgeous photos.
    Dewi and I are getting on better now. I realised how much I liked him when he became rather ill 4 days ago, we found out he must have eaten something rather nasty, after taking him to the vets.He was feeling really sorry for himself, vomiting,awful things happening from the other end and most amazingly he didn't eat..anything... or drink, much.
    Then suddenly he woke up bouncing and ravenous this morning, thank goodness.
    Take care

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    This is a great post, great pictures and very fun to read. Thanks for all the updates. I really like the one with Alexandra and Asproula. I can relate to your dog drama. My dog, Shelby, ate my breast pump and I nearly killed her, I was so mad! Alas, Frankie loves our two dogs and cat so we put up with their bad behavior.
    Take care,

  9. Jude, thank you for the compliments:)
    I'm sorry to learn that Dewi was ill, poor little one!It's so hard when the pups are under the weather because it's hard to tell what's wrong. I'm so glad that he's back to his puppy self! Have a great day:)

    Thank you for the compliments, you're very kind!
    I have to say that the photo with Alexandra & Asproula is one of my favorites also.
    I can't believe the damage that Tarzan has caused! I mean, Gigi chewed up toys and things inside, but Tarzan is outside and I can't think of anything he hasn't tried to eat up! I give him bones and rawhide etc...it's never enough. As you noted, they are worth the trouble. The experience that our children have with our animals is priceless. Have a fantastic day Angela!

  10. Love 'em all. Especially the 3rd. Great cavalcade.

  11. Rick, thank you! We love'em all too. Life is definitely never dull or lonely over here.

  12. So adorable. I can't stand it. <3

    1. Thank you! Never, ever a dull moment here. I miss Tarzan & Asproula. Now it's Gigi, Lucky & Lola...my three little loves.