Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strawberries & Cherries

Over the last few weeks we've been enjoying fresh strawberries and cherries, two of my favorite fruits. Our neighbors have a sizable strawberry patch and when they're in town on weekends they're always willing to share. For me, there's nothing sweeter than a fresh picked strawberry. We'll venture to the strawberry patch with the children, pick strawberries, wash them and later, set them on the table in order to enjoy with coffee and fruitful conversation. No pun intended...

We've tried planting strawberries of our own, but they didn't produce much and half of the plants didn't survive their transplantation. Also, I just don't have the time that I need to spend in the garden so I think they may have needed a bit more care. I'll try again next year.

We've been gifted cherries by extended family and friends. I'm grateful for that because our cherry tree died over the winter. Last year, we enjoyed about one big bowl of cherries from our tree because we realized that they were ripe after the birds had already devoured their share. We'll definitely have to plant another one because cherries are my absolute favorite fruit, hands down.

Alexandra enjoying her share of strawberries

And below, we have a photo of Izabella modeling her cherry earrings. I suppose when you've had enough to eat, you can always wear them.


  1. Yes, I'm breakfasting on cherries and strawbs. We grew our strawberry plants from seed last year. They've done really well and even had babies which we've replanted.Those and some greek yogurt(what else!)and I'm a very happy bunny.I sat and modelled cherry earrings last night...husand wasn't amused!!
    Take care

  2. i love these fruits too cheryl, i can never get enough of them

  3. Strawberries, cherries and the angels, Izabella and Alexandra, well Cheryl is included!!

  4. I always remember all of going to Thompson's strawberry farm when we were young :)

  5. Jude, a hat tip to you for getting your strawberries in order. I always thought I was a good gardener until I had a real garden! :)
    Strawberries and yogurt are my favorite combination also, delicious and healthy!
    I would have been amused if you modeled cherry earrings for me...:) Husbands just don't get it. LOL-

    Maria...I know I can't get enough either. I never have the chance to wear my fruit because there isn't any left:)

    Phivos...Thank you for the wonderful and kind compliment! The girls are angels for sure:)

    Pumpkin...I love remembering those days. But what I can't remember is if we all brought our own sugar in a bowl with us...or if it was just me! did you?