Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alexandra's Birthday/Name day...

Our fairy princess...the princess of all things sweet and all things three years old today.
She was born on August 30th, which is also why we named her Alexandra, she was born on the day in which Greeks celebrate the name Alexander, Alexandra etc...which made choosing her name easy.

We threw her party yesterday, on the 29th, since it usually works out better for most guests to attend a party on a Saturday. She was thrilled. She's been excited for a while but she has been extremely anxious since last week, when I took her to the bakery to pick out her own cake. I sat her on the counter and we browsed through the pages of cakes available for order. She liked all of them that had princesses, but it didn't take her long to come to a final decision.
Here's a picture of her with her princess cake...

What else did we eat? Of course, I made arroz con's a staple at any of my family occasions. Yia Yia made cheese pies (τυρόπιτες) and coconut cookies. I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and then we had chips and other munchies since we weren't having dinner, our guests were invited for cake & ice cream. The cake was out of this world! Alexandra chose the chocolate/creme (σοκολάτα με κρέμα) combination and it was incredibly fresh. There wasn't a piece left at the end of the night.

Consumed by the song & sparklers...

Making a wish...

Pleased that the princesses are now hers to play with...

Yes, we're very proud of our fairy princess!

Since we celebrated a day early, we spent a quiet Sunday at home. Our day was so quiet that we enjoyed a nap on our balcony during mesi meri. That doesn't happen very often, especially on name days. So, we thoroughly enjoyed Alexandra's birthday/name day. She had a blast too!

A few photos from the last three years...

Four months old...

About 2 weeks old...

Her first birthday shown above,
& her second birthday below...

Just a few weeks ago...we're so happy together.


  1. Happy Name Day/Birthday to your little princess. So you can get Baking Soda and Brown Sugar in Greece? ...ciao

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Alexandra!!!
    Happy, Happy Name Day!!!
    She is so cute, the pictures are great. The cake sounds delicious.
    Take care,

  3. Rositta,
    Thank you!! She's still glowing from the excitement:)
    Yes, you can find brown sugar & baking soda here. The soda is usually shelved with the spices & the brown sugar is near the imported baking products and/or near the sugar substitutes.

    Thank you for such a warm greeting!
    The cake was extra delicious for me because I've given up sweets...well, most of them! :)

    Efxaristo poli!!! :)

  4. Xronia Pola! Your daughter is a real sweetie. We were at a Name Day celebration for our little friend Alexander yesterday as well!

    I'm jealous of your nap on the balcony for mesi meri. Mesi meri is something I wish North American's would learn about. It's my favorite time of the day in Greece!

  5. Wish I could have been there!

  6. Hronia Polla ke na ta ekatostisi!!

    By the way, my sons' name is Alexandros.

  7. Jen,
    Thank you :)I hope that you enjoyed the celebration that you attended.
    As for mesi meri naps-don't be too jealous. We rarely, if ever, take them. It was a fluke. :)

    We wish you were here too! Maybe next year?
    Love you xxxooo

    Ellinares- Efxaristo Poli & Hronia Polla to Alexandros! I hope that you're family enjoyed your day:)

    Phivos-Thank you for the compliment :)

  8. a three-year old princess you should be proud of -and i love the food for the occassion!

  9. Maria, I'm so very proud of her...thank you! The food was just enough for everyone & not too much was left over either, just how I like it.