Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Poppy for Mama

I have to be the luckiest mother on the planet, I'm convinced. Last Sunday my kids took a walk with Kosta to visit neighbors. I have to admit, I almost pushed them out the door, I couldn't wait for some time alone, if only for an hour. I spent a whole hour by myself basking in silence while enjoying a coffee outside and checking my email without little people asking me how long it would be before they could have their turn at my laptop. When they wait for their turn, they hover and count the minutes.

 "Mom, you said five minutes." 

"Mom, you said five minutes ten hours ago!" 

"Mom, you're not being fair, you'll never finish!"

As the hour of my temporary freedom came to a close I could hear the giggles and squeals of my kids running home. The little voices drew near and by the time they reached our gate all I could hear was "Mama, Mama...come here!" My first thought was that they must have found another animal along the way. 

I opened the door, walked down the steps and Izabella was running up the walkway with a small bunch of flowers in her grip. She said, "Mama look! The first red poppy, we found our first red poppy of spring and picked it for you, I know you love poppies mom."  She's right, I do love poppies. 

I immediately put the flowers into a vase and on the coffee table. I looked at the sweet little bunch of flowers and naturally, had to take a picture. Foti watched carefully as I snapped the pictures and then tapped me on the shoulder. "Mama, can I hold the vase? I want to hold it so you can take a picture of me with the you can remember that we picked them for you." You know what this does to a mother's heart, don't you? It melts it. My heart just melted. Of course my little monkey can hold the flowers. 

He was so proud to have helped gather flowers for me. After I took a few pictures he wanted to  have a look ( digital photography is the best thing that's happened to me and children's college funds!)  and the one above is the one he has approved for posting. Izabella & Alexandra had already taken the two laptops available while I was busy so they weren't interested in the flowers anymore. It's the little moments like these that remind me of just how lucky I am and also how wonderful my kids are. I am definitely the luckiest mother on the planet. 

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  1. This post says so many things about motherhood and I can relate to them all!
    Lovely poppy!

  2. Ahhhh! Momma Cheryl got all misty eyed! Very cute! Such a good mom!

  3. @ Joy- Thank you :)Kids have a way of bringing us back to center, that's for sure, I love it. Have a beautiful day!

    @ Spuds- Yes, this momma is a pushover :) Whenever I'm frustrated they always surprise me with gentle reminders. As you know, a parent couldn't ask for more. Thank you for the compliment Spuds.
    Have a great day! :)

  4. Hi Cheryl, so lovely, your link to previous poppy post was sweet, I am always upset at having missed things, but for a child to show the way.
    I still think of you as I struggle to get up and face the Spartan morning.
    In the worst of days, I can still look out on the 2 beautiful mountains!
    My husband broke his shoulder, so it was quite a winter,he is in hospital now, hope to take him out for Paskha, but i am renovating his 150 year old stone house, have finished exposing the stone work, putting in bathroom, kitchenette, and have cleared the garden of garbage ( all thrown in by lovely theio!) and snakes, the orange tree is free, her oranges were so sweet! We rebuilt and added on to a stone mandra(wall), the boy's doing the work found an ancient looking horse shoe- the neighbor /relative was "rich, with a stable to boot!
    Have a Blessed Paskha with your family, here and regards to the US PR

  5. So lovely Cheryl..Have a good day..

  6. How I understand...being the last couple of days nearly on my own for the whole 24 hours with the kid, made me wish to escape as well.
    Agree with you that the kids are however always able to wipe away being tired through a word, a thing that they do.
    Please have a wonderful Thursday you all.

  7. How sweet of cute Foti! Happy Easter dears!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and also your honesty in this post. Children are wonderful. Patty and I have five of them. Now, they don't bother asking us to use this or that. They are in the 50s and only one is a baby at 37. LOL

    I chose a picture I took 55 years ago of my Patty wearing a red dress. On April Fool's Day, April 1, 1955.

    I gave her a diamond engagement ring, and today, April 1, 2010 is my entry for theme day on my Brookville Daily Photo blog.

  9. @ Maria...It's so good to hear from you. I'm humbled to know that you think of me, over here in the north :) So sorry to hear that you haven't had the best winter and I do sincerely hope that your husband is able to enjoy Easter out of the hospital...and I hope that he can stay out of the hospital.
    The renovations sound like a lot of work, but so worth it. I love the old homes but they're slowly disappearing, in fact, where I live I hardly see any. Only new homes popping up everywhere, no signs of the past.
    Your comment about the garbage has struck me because I always wonder where the people dumping it think it will go. I have neighbors leave cups, straws, papers and bags outside my gate and from time to time I gather them and toss them over their fence. Funny how fast the properly dispose of it then.
    Yes, this little Rican is fiesty! :)

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend...I'll be thinking of you! :)

    @ Krisno...Thank YOU for your lovely comment, I appreciate your feedback. Always! :):)
    Have a nice holiday weekend!

    @ ρομπερτ...yes, sometimes having the little ones around is so overwhelming & yet so wonderful. My children have been at Yia yia's since Wed. and I miss them terribly but yet I am enjoying the time to myself - it doesn't happen very often. Have a wonderful Friday and Kalo Pasxa! :):)

    @ Phivos...Yes, it was so very sweet of Foti. He is incredibly sweet and very thoughtful.
    Happy Easter to the Nicolaides family...our warmest wishes are being sent to you!!!
    Big & little hugs & kisses!!

    @ Abraham...Thank you for your kind compliment, I'm flattered. As you know, I visited your blog and it's amazing.

    Thank you!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  10. You are a very lucky mother to have such beautiful, talented and smart children. The picture of Foti and the flower is so sweet. I miss you guys. :(

  11. Such sweet thoughtful children and Foti, what a little charmer. I imagine that Kosta has always set a fine example teaching him to express himself as a romantic gentleman, that in itself is a joy.

    Cheryl, enjoy your Easter weekend with your lovely family.

    ...hope that some chocolate goodies figure in somewhere :)

  12. @ Christie...thank you :) I am so lucky! I love my munchkins!! I miss you, miss you, miss you!!
    My mobile phone may as well be turned off. :(

    @ Biddy...Thank you!! Foti really is a charmer. When he knows I'm upset, he calls my name, smiles and says, " I love you". Always at the right moment.

    Our Easter was pleasant- thank you :) and we did have a lot of chocolate available, too much! I hope that you enjoyed Easter also.

    It's always nice hearing from you!! :)

  13. This is my first visit to your blog and have enjoyed it very much. Your photographs are great!

  14. Carol...Welcome :) I'm glad that you've enjoyed my little corner of the blogosphere and thank you for your kind compliments regarding my photos. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. You really are the luckiest mother on the planet, Cheryl! The whole post was so interesting to read and see. Your children are amazing, and just as naughty as my nephews and nieces.

    So nice that your children brought you the first poppies of the season :)

  16. Bhavesh...THANK YOU! :) I'm glad that you've enjoyed this. Yes, my children are amazing, I have to agree. They are so good at keeping me centered.

    Have a wonderful week Bhavesh! :)