Monday, March 8, 2010

Wintry Monday

 I had another almond blossom photo lined up for this morning but we woke up to cold wind and a mix of snow and rain. I took these photos on our big snow day and decided to post them in honor of our wintry weather today. However, this much snow hasn't fallen, thankfully.

And WINTER by Tori Amos is one of my favorite songs...

Have a nice week! 
Καλή εβδομάδα!


  1. Kali vdomada Cheryl. Is the swnow white or yellowish from the dust? I heard that it was in some parts of Greece.

  2. Good morning Ivy! Our snow was white. It was more like rain near the sea where I am, but as I drove into town it was definitely snow and white and I'm thankful it's not yellow, full of dust. Sounds like a messy situation. Have a fantastic week~~

  3. Great shots Cheryl..i love the snow but never had a chance to feel it..Hopefully one day i can go visit there and feel the snow...

  4. Great pictures chica...We didn't have any snow stick over hear. I can't wait to do snow posts from MN...they had a snowpocalypse this winter!

  5. Nice pictures!! I am so tired of cold and snow! Luckily it has been a GREAT weekend with lots of sun. I finally got my bike out for a long ride on Sunday.

  6. Thank you for your comment...Gr8 photos...

  7. Amazing isn't it??
    We are suffering..yes, I mean suffering temps of 26 degrees today, Yes, there was a howling wind last night and most of the day, bringing down trees! but it's too damn's not right...I'm watering my garden as everything is curling up and going brown. Can't see the mountains for the yellow dust from the Sahara...Geoff worked in shorts and NO top....we had no electric for most of the day as our line was blown down...I'know, I should stop complaining haha!
    Take care

  8. i cant believe you've got snow in your garden - we were practically sweltering here...

  9. @ Krisno-- Thank you! Hopefully one day you will experience snow. It hadn't snowed here, where we live in two years but there's usually snow in the mountains during the winter months, so please do try to visit! You will most likely love it!

    @ Christie-- Thank you ~~ I can't wait for you to take those pics either. I used to love going out during storms with my camera. You'll enjoy it!

    @ Spuds-- Now I'm envious of you! Our whole weekend was windy and cold. Like in the mid 30's cold, which is really cold for us!! I'm happy to hear that you were able to take your bike out, it means summer is just around the corner :)

    @ Gingeyginge-- Thank you for the visit and the compliment! :):)

    @ Jude-- I just can't believe the contrast in our weather. It's been cold all weekend. We were actually affected by the dust as well, it just took me a little while to realize. But, probably not as much as you.
    I have to give you credit for having the garden planted! I'm still waiting for Kosta to have someone come and till so we can get planting!
    No electric? GRRRRR...How maddening. You can complain about that any day.

    Have a great Tuesda Jude!!!


  10. @ Maria-- I know. It's been like this all weekend and the forecast isn't promising :(
    Just a little longer until we're complaining about the heat too.
    Happy Tuesday! xo

  11. How nice to see! Reminds me so much of home, North Germany, even though it's much colder there.
    There was a huge cloud of dust/sand over the city today makeing the sky bleached into all white.
    Wishing you all the best for the Tuesday of you.

  12. ρομπερτ -- Yes, our skies were a bit peculiar up here yesterday as well. I'm glad my photos brought you pleasant memories. I haven't been to Germany, well at least outside of an airport but I am aware of how cold it gets and so glad it doesn't get that cold here.
    Our Tuesday is going well, thank you. Have a wonderful evening/afternoon :)

  13. Phivos- Thank you, thank you! Thank you for always being so supportive.

  14. Bhavesh-- Thank you my wonderful friend :) The weekend is near and I send my wishes for you to have an enjoyable one early. ~~~