Monday, February 26, 2007

I knew that it was supposed to snow last Friday night but I wasn't expecting so much. It was great though because the kids loved it. Our blizzard warning for Saturday proved to be fruitless where we live as we didn't see much snow from the storm at all.

As suspected, our night out never happened-again. I guess that we can celebrate our anniversary next time around! My mom was going to watch the kids but because of the blizzard warning we cancelled so she wouldn't have to drive in the storm. It is ok, we enjoyed playing in the snow with the kids and ordered pizza from my favorite pizza place...Lisa's on Oakland. Someday I will take the time to set up links, sorry about that. I am still new at this.

Kosta and I are talking to realtors in Greece. We also spoke to our Koubaros ( Iza's Godfather and his partner) in Thessaloniki and they are willing to check out properties for us. My only wish is that if we live in a suburb...I really just don't want chickens running around next door. I am a city girl and sometimes those smells can well, you know. Blah! I know that the kids wouldn't mind buy mommy really would. There is one property that we have our eyes on and it has a view of the sea, a big yard, a barbecue in the back and of course, chickens next door. I really don't know if I can do it. Although, the house is really beautiful. I guess even the thought of a rooster crowing scares me. I guess I would welcome it more than the drunk college students in this neighborhood. It really might be better. Maybe I can convince myself because the property has olive trees, tomato plants and did I mention a view of the sea?

We are also looking for a place to rent near the family's summer house. Yes, we could stay with my mother & sister -in-law but it would be too crowded. We are a family of five now, adding 2 adults to the mix would make staying in a 2 bedroom condo a little tight, to say the least. There are a few great places in the village. What village? The village of Polihrono, Halkidiki. It is so beautiful there.

Tomorrow I will attempt to contact the owner of the Montessori school that I am looking at for the kids. So far it has been a complete game of phone tag. It is difficult because the hours that the woman is available in Greece are the same hours that I am getting Kosta and Iza out the door in the morning. I seem to miss her every time I have called. Wish me luck.

This Wednesday Iza's school is having an ethnic potluck. I am making the famous Greek potato salad. I can't wait to see what else will be available. Iza's class is going to sing also. I just love that she is in this school.
Well, my time is up. I hope that everyone has a great week!

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