Monday, February 5, 2007

It's freezing!

We have been in since Friday afternoon as it is freezing! Iza doesn't have school today so I have to come up with some more creative activites or we will go nuts! Our dentist called to cancel the kid's appointments last night. The wind chill factor is - 30 F! Yes, it even shocks those of us who have lived in Wiscosin for most of our lives.

Alexandra is teething and won't let me put her down too much. I can see the edges of that first tooth ready to poke through. I wish they would! She needs a little relief!

Kosta and I tried to watch the SuperBowl last night but it was a little difficult as Iza and Foti wanted to play "Pet shop"...and Alexandra was whining. Thank God for DVR! Now I can watch Prince's performance without interuption! I love that man! He is just a genious!

Here is a picture that our friend Cris sent us yesterday. I brought her the tulips on Friday. She has a great view of the lake from her apartment. It is wonderful that she added a little "primavera"to her picture. We need to think spring! I hope that the ground hog's prediction is right this year! BRRRRRRR!

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