Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Still freezing!

Ah, thoughts of sunny days! This is a picture that I took from the porch of our family's summer house in Greece. We need to think warm thoughts today....and tomorrow. Izabella had another day off of school because of the cold. We stayed indoors AGAIN! I am glad that I refused the urge to drag the kids out in the cold. I went out to some stores tonight and froze my tootsies off! Anyone that knows me knows that I was dressed appropriately. Yes, I wore the big white hat! I wish that I had a picture of me in it, it's a good laugh.

Kosta experienced Alexandra's demands tonight. I always feel bad when I go somewhere and come back to find out that she has cried the whole time that I was gone. That is why I rarely go anywhere. My time will come again.

So, today there is this news about one of our female astronauts going nuts on us. Apparently she drove from Texas to Florida in a diaper to confront another women. Ok, so she is a rocket scientist?? The world is full of surprises. This story will be interesting to watch as it unfolds.

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