Friday, May 25, 2007

After a long week Friday has emerged. I am completely exhausted as me and Foti have been sick. He seems to have held on to this virus longer than me, and let's just say that when Foti is sick everyone is sick. That being said it is great that we have a long weekend ahead of us without any plans. We figured that we can skip Memorial Day festivities because we have a family event planned for every weekend next month. This weekend will be dedicated to sorting, packing and throwing things away again. I really hope to make a dent in the work that we have to do.

I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to watch last week's episode of the Soprano's. I just realized it last night but I was way to exhausted to watch it. I did, however, somehow manage to sort of watch both nights of American Idol. I didn't get to actually sit and watch it but the show was on the TV and I caught some performances here and there. I think that the finale was great but for me, nothing will ever top last year's surprise performance by Prince. Again, it was good and the winner, Jordin Sparks , is an excellent singer and she is adorable. Aside from those 2 shows I am not really into watching TV lately.

The crab apple trees in front of the house have blossomed and since lost their petals. I didn't even have the chance to take a picture this year. But here is one that I took 2 years ago when they were in full bloom. I love this picture.

I know that you can barely see the blossoms but as the branches come right up to the window all that you can see when they are in full bloom is white. I love these trees!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. we were all pulling for blake, and i have become such a blaker girl. :) he Rawked the House with doug E!

    we MUST get together before you leave!

  2. It didn't matter to me, I just enjoyed watching the competition. I liked the top 3 singers. Blake is really cool though!

  3. Isn't it going to be sad to leave the apple trees? My brother sold my parents' house, so all of the trees in which my father invested many years of love were suddenly gone. I thought it was sad, but there was nothing I could do since my brother inherited everything, and I had no money to stop him.

  4. Yes, it will. I will also be sad about my rock garden. I have some planted perennials that come back so strong each year and it is so satisfying. I just hope that the next home owner loves the plants that come with the house as much as I do.

    Our father sold our family house a few years after my parents divorced and Kosta and I were almost ready to buy it but we couldn't swing it. Now, whenever I am in town I drive by to see how it looks. The new owner cut our garage in half in order to park a boat, looks ridiculous.