Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Week

Well another year has passed for me-one year older and one year wiser. I have to say that I wouldn't change anything about the last year, it was great. So how did I mark the special occasion? By having pizza of course! It wasn't just any pizza, it was a pizza from Kenosha ! There is nothing like a pizza from Kenosha. Me and the kids met my Mom and sister, Gina, at Ruffalo's Pizza. We celebrated my birthday as well as Mother's Day because my Mom had to work on Sunday. I haven't been to Ruffalo's in years and the pizza was just as good as I remembered it, although the restaurant could use some updating. I swear that they have the same tables, plates and carpeting that was there when I was a teenager. The plates were plastic, ( i don't like eating from plastic...) and, honestly, so retro. They HAD to be the same plates that the restaurant had when they first opened many, many years ago. It was fun to reminisce.

(Gina at Ruffalo's)
As I have five siblings it seems like our celebrations never end. For instance, we celebrated Mother's Day and my birthday together during the week and the rest of my family will celebrate my birthday with a BBQ tomorrow. That is why I refer to this post as "Birthday Week", it usually isn't over on the actual birthday, it goes much further than that so everyone has a chance to be included.
We have birthdays, Memorial Day, graduations and Father's Day to look forward to in the weeks ahead, there is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate. I will miss my family so much when I am in Greece. I know that I will be busy sending cards and gifts, that's for sure! I will also be waiting for many visits, that's why Kosta and I are looking for a home with a lot of bedrooms, we need the space for our huge family!

After lunch I took the kids to Petrifying Springs Park. My parents used to take us there year round when we were children. It is such a beautiful park and the kids love walking on the mini trails. We had stick races from the walking bridges and then played at the playground. The playground equipment seems the same as when I was a child also. Everything is metal, including the slides. I rarely see metal slides anywhere these days. It was also the highest slide I have seen in a while! I nearly had a heart attack every time Foti went up because he seems to love to run up stairs and ladders. I guess I have to just continue to hold my breath and give him the space to learn. I know, he is only 3 years old, I'll have a lot of opportunities to pass out as he grows older. He is definitely an alpha male! Kosta and I watched the movie "300" and joked about sending him out to the wolves as the Spartans did with their boys...only the strong survive. OK, not so funny, but you get the picture.

Over all I have had a pleasant birthday week. It was extra special because I shared more memories of my childhood with my children. I wonder if they will remember all of this as the grow up in Greece. I guess that is up to me and that is a big fat YES, I will make sure of it!!! :)

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