Monday, May 7, 2007

Things are Changing Fast!

In just a few months we will be in Greece. It is really hard for me to grasp at times, I want to go and I don't want to go. I have a house full of boxes and the tension level is high. We had our neighbors over for dinner last Friday and the downstairs kitchen is packed up so we ordered take-out. I didn't even have the forks available so I ran upstairs to grab some mismatched silverware from that kitchen. I know that it isn't such a big deal and Bonnie and Gary didn't mind because they understand...oh and because we ordered from Emperor of China , but it is definitely helping to put our time table into perspective.

We have finally settled on an apartment for the summer and hopefully soon we will be able to make a decision as to where we will actually live for the next 20 years or so of our lives. I am very excited about the properties that we have to choose from. I know that I mentioned one earlier, but others have come into play. We are looking at a few different properties and each of them include a lot of olive trees, fruit trees and best of all, space. We can't wait for a quieter home. Living in the city has its perks but we long for a little quiet. The kids and the wildlife can make the noise, not cars, city workers or drunk college students (the worst of them all!). Oh, did I ever mention that I loathe drunk college students? I wish that I could follow them all home to Mommy and Daddy's house and dump their garbage on THEIR lawns. Arrgh! I won't go into a rant...I promise.

So things are starting to move fast and I am starting to panic just a bit. I am thinking of all of the people and things that I will miss while I am away. The world has become smaller through the Internet so I know that I can stay in touch but its not the same. My oldest brother is leaving in a few weeks, he is in the Reserves and he has been called to duty. He isn't sure as to where they will send him yet, Afghanistan or Iraq. Our family had a "going away" get together for him on Sunday. My father is currently in Puerto Rico visiting our Abuelita for Mother's Day. He is also preparing to move back their next winter. I will have only a few weeks to visit with him myself before we leave. My family is strangely making big changes in sync. We will all be fine, I am sure, but things will not be the same. Ok, I won't get sappy on you all!

My oldest brother Mike

Our Dad blowing out his birthday candles ........

Me, Joanna, Gina, Mom, Mike and Rick at Mike's Mike's place. (see the big Harley?)


  1. omigoodness your brothers grew up! :) we are going to miss you, must have you over sometime soon. really, keep me to that.

    and maybe we'll have to plan a trip to greece. :)

  2. I know, Mike is 40 now! (i'm not far behind...38 next week! ouch!)

    YES! We have to get together, and YES you HAVE to come to Greece! You guys will love it, especially the boys.

    We will miss you as well!

  3. Wow, Dad is moving home? As much as I hate to hear about everyone leaving, it's nice to know I have places to crash when I travel abroad :P

    Have you talked to your sister? I made arrangements for your "Suprise" event that you should like!

    Much love


  4. Hey Bri!
    Yep, He plans on moving back to his home, they fixed up Abuela's house so he'll stay there.

    Yes, I have talked to Joanna and YES, I know about our surprise! I am surprised and we can't wait! Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thank you!!!!