Friday, May 4, 2007

The Death of the Tulips

The photo above provides an accurate representation of nearly all of my flower beds this spring. You see, we had the house painted and the painters were using my flower boxes as stairs. When I realized what they were doing it was too late, but I decided to point out the damage that they had incurred on my helpless tulips. I spoke to the painter in charge, Andy.

I said: "Andy, can you tell your guys not to step all over my flowers? I need to sell this house and you are killing my flowers".

Andy said: "Oh, you planted those?"

I don't think than I need to say more about the matter, but I will. Why is it that painters that paint homes for a living can't tell the difference between a "planted" plant and a weed? I shouldn't single out painters because almost all of the contractors that we have had here in the past pretend that they don't know that they are stepping on someones hard work. It happened when we had our gutters replaced and also when our neighbors had a new fence put up. There are only about 9 tulips that have survived out of the 2 dozen or so that have been planted by me and Iza. We are enjoying the few that survived...

This one is a survivor of many attempted stompings and rippings. Yes, rippings. Before I had Iza we rented the upstairs of our home to college students. After they received a notice ordering them to move out, one of our not so happy tenants ripped about 2 dozen of these out of the flower bed. This little beauty is the lone survivor.

This one was planted last fall. Iza and I planted these bulbs together. There is only one other like it. The remaining tulips that have survived haven't bloomed yet. We can't to see them!

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