Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm back! OK, so I'm a day late for the Halloween antics but I couldn't resist. It's been over a month since I've posted and I have A LOT to share, but not just yet. We've been so busy. No, I mean really busy.
I hope that all of my friends that celebrate Halloween had a spooky one. A lot of you have asked how we would celebrate here. Well, there was no chance of having the party that I had hoped for so we kept it short, sweet and at home. I hid candy throughout the yard and had the kids go for a Halloween candy hunt. Shortly after the hunt was over I had Kosta keep the kids entertained outside while I slipped into the Frankenstein mask. I asked him to bring the kids to the door for trick -or- treat and let's just say that the trick was pretty funny. When I opened the door Iza and Foti screamed with surprise. Poor little Alexandra was scared to death though. She screamed bloody murder and it took her almost 10 minutes to recover. I felt really bad but it was funny. The spirit of Halloween lives on for us here!
Kalo Mina! (Good Month!)


  1. Hi !!! Good to see you back online ! I hope the kids had a fun for Halloween ! I miss you all :)

  2. Hello Everyone!

    My regular email is not working right now for whatever reason...sooo...glad to see/hear you are online!

    Iza and Foti, I hope you had a great halloween. Dominic and Nia dressed up like elves.

    We'll talk soon.

    - Joanna

  3. LOL! Kids are great with their innocence and surprise, but poor Alexandra.

    You're really doing a great job, considering the amount of work and the magnitude of changes you've experienced in a short time. Thinking about everyone and best wishes from blecky Athens. :)

  4. Welcome back! I read on Mel's blog about your difficulties getting ADSL. What a goat rope! By the way, you look very cute in your Frankenstein mask.
    On another note, thanks for visiting my blog -- it's a new activity for me and I'm still finding my way.

  5. Pumkin & Joanna,
    We miss you! Thanks for keeping up with us on the blog!Oh, and Joanna, send pics of the kids as soon as you are up & running again.

    Thanks! Oh and about Alexandra, I should've known what her reaction would be since I have 2 other children that once reacted the same way on Halloween, big "duh" for me. :)

    Thanks! Yep,getting on line was pretty tricky. It would've taken much longer if Kosta wouldn't have been so persistant. Now, if we could only get the electrician here sometime this year so that we can stop blowing that we don't have to keep resetting our IP address!!!! It's insane.I really have to take the time to share details.
    Your blog is fun. It's nice to share and connect with others through a blog. Keep it up!