Monday, November 5, 2007


Izabella finally has her puppy! (remember-we always promised that after our cat died we'd get her a puppy. We didn't think that it'd be so soon!)
So, here we are in Greece, with a new home, new school and a new puppy. Needless to say, I'm beat.
Where did we get the puppy? Well, one day when Kosta was running errands he ended up at a hardware store complete with a junk yard in the back. He noticed that there were puppies in the yard and asked the owner what breed they were and if they would be available anytime soon. The owner told Kosta that they were Kanis (greek for poodle) and that we could have one for 20.oo euro if we were interested. So, Kosta came home and told me that we could get a poodle for Iza if we wanted. Naturally, I said that I'd think about it given the timing. We talked about it for a few days and asked the kids if they wanted a puppy. Of course the answer was YES. After a few days passed Kosta was getting ready to go to the same hardware store and on his way out he asked if he should bring a puppy home or not, since the decision rested in my hands as I'd be the primary caregiver to this pup. I said, "why not?"(what was I thinking?)
Izabella & Gigi shortly after her arrival.
About an hour or so later Kosta came home and I asked if he really brought a puppy home-and he did. She was dirty and scared. He said that she was napping in a pipe with a black cat when he went to get her. Because of this, he told the owner that he didn't want to pay for the dog since she was so dirty an lived in a junk yard. The guy agreed and didn't care since Kosta had been spending a lot of money at his store anyway.
Izabella and Foti came home from school shortly after Gigi arrived and Iza was thrilled. Foti's reaction was hilarious. He saw the puppy and said, " I don't want that puppy, that's a small puppy! I want a big dog that will scare people, that puppy is not what I wanted!" Um, OK. I get it. Sorry Foti. We've had her for a few weeks now and whenever Gigi nips at his toes he screams at me and says, " I don't like this dog!" Poor Gigi- But he does play with her when no one is looking. Alexandra LOVES her. It took me a while to warm up to the whole dog thing since I've always been a cat person. I don't know dogs. She's a handful! But again, she's cute.

She's definitely not 100% poodle. I don't know much about dogs, but she doesn't look like the poodles I've met before. I've tried looking up hybrids and mutts online and can't quite figure out what she is. She's cute though. Kosta and I have sat on the couch just trying to figure her out as she wrestles the sock spider that we made her. He thinks that she might be part mouse.

I'm learning a lot about her and really trying hard to train her. I think that I've got her figured out. I just think that dogs are weird. And then she does this when I point the camera at her...

Tell me she's not weird! But we love her and she's a great addition to our family. Now Iza says that when she dies she wants another cat. Aye!


  1. That's one of the sweetest little dogs I've ever seen in my life! She's not 100 percent poodle, I've had one -- I'll try and figure it out with you.

    What the heck is she doing when you take the photo? It almost looks like a candid camera moment, being caught in the act mid-motion.

    Filakia (I'll write you tonight, but i couldn't resist saying how cute Gigi is)


    The first thing I thought when I looked at the way she stands and her ears is she's a terrier. Look at the Lakeland, Norwich and Parson Russell Terrier. Her fur is poodle, but the ears body are definitely not.

    Whatever she is, she's adorable.

  3. She looks a lot like ours, which the vet said is 'part poodle." Good luck with the other parts. With mine's hunting instincts and her face shape I sometimes suspect that she's part terrier.

    There's a service in the states where you can swab some dna and they'll tell you what your dog is made of, as long as the purebreds weren't further back than your dog's grandparents. I think it was something like $60. You could certainly do it remote, if you really want to know.

    Sadly, it costs a lot more to clone them.

    I'm rather jealous. I want your puppy.

  4. Kat beat me to it with the terrier guess. Good luck with the poodle hair - it's like a swiffer (everything sticks to it.)

  5. i can't believe you got a dog! :)

  6. That dog is adorable, but then again, what puppies aren't (and I too am a cat person)? Yours kids will have a lot of fun with it, even Foti. Of course, you could get another dog -- A BIG DOG -- to make him happy. Or not!

  7. Kat-thanks! We think that she's adorable too. Kosta knew the kids would love her. I know, the last picture is funny. It was captured as she was in motion and I just think that it's funny. Her ears are funny when she barks at me...She's a doll though. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out and let you know if we can figure her out.

    Syd-I'm with you on the Swiffer thing...everything winds up in her fur. Luckily it's white and we can clean her up as soon as we see something. Thanks for the info on the DNA swab. I think we'll stick to guessing for now and maybe some day we'll spank the cash for the test, who knows. She likes to hunt a lot and found the cats that live in the shed...and she barks...and then runs for cover!

    Linda-I know. Me and a dog. I think that I always told everyone that I liked dogs that belonged to other people but probably would never get one. I guess that I was probably wrong! :) How could I turn down our little Iza?

    Laurie- the kids love her. She is also quite comfortable with them. Foti has started to play with her a little more. He likes to pick her up and put her in her little basket. Oh, and his big dog is on the way. We are getting 2 dogs for outside so he'll get his.

  8. Kanis is not a Greek word, by the way. It's a transliteration, and a bad one, of the French word caniche.

  9. Anonymous-Sorry, that's what the Greeks call poodles. I took the word directly from a Greek book about dogs. Should've wrote, "what Greeks call poodles". Thanks for the information!! :)

  10. Kat,
    You're right about her looking like she has a lot of terrier in her. I checked out the Parson Russell terrier at and it seems that she has the body and ears of this dog but not the face or fur. I'm going to check out some poodle sites when I get a chance.

  11. totally not entirely a poodle, but she's cute, I would say like terrier\poodle mix , what would you call that a pooier or teroodle? haha :) I am sure the kids are enjoying her. Take care !!!!!!

  12. "would you call that a pooier or teroodle?"

    LOL. I think it depends on how well she's behaving.

  13. So far I'm going for pooier! :)

  14. Such a sweet little baby! She's fortunate to have a home with you taking care of her.