Saturday, November 24, 2007


After I finished the last post I realized that I hadn't mentioned Thanksgiving. I really missed being home for the holiday and I hope that everyone that celebrates had a an enjoyable feast.

What did we do?

Well, first I want to let everyone know that I couldn't find a turkey. I didn't search high & low for one either as I haven't had any spare time. The kids were home sick from school as we've been battling horrible viruses once again. I honestly didn't think that finding a turkey would be so difficult because 12 years ago, when we lived in Drama, I did find a turkey. At that time we had a traditional Thanksgiving meal even if it was just another work day for us.
Since the kids were sick and I was exhausted I ended up making meatballs and rice for lunch. For dinner we had frozen pizza. Hey, I just wanted the kids to eat something and I knew that these foods would entice them. We did talk about the holiday and talked to several friends and family members back home. We talked about what we needed to be thankful for. I also had to explain to Iza over & over why we didn't have or couldn't find a turkey. She pointed out that our neighbor has several running around in his yard and said that maybe we could buy a turkey and put it in our yard so that we would have one next year. I didn't say anything, we just laughed. A friend of ours asked her what we were doing for Thanksgiving and she replied, " Well, um, my mom has a tablecloth with a turkey on it". That was it, the tablecloth really made the difference. So we didn't have the dinner, we had the tablecloth and all was fabulous. We enjoyed our day together even if we were all sick.


  1. we missed all of you at Thanksgiving ! :)

  2. Too bad everyone's been sick -- Perastika!! And for me, Thanksgiving is really for being grateful for our blessings and connecting with friends and family, and it sounds like you were completely succesful in this regard.
    Happy Late Thanskgiving!

  3. You're a good mom. Sometimes it's about what we have and not what we don't.

    When you said, "the neighbors have turkeys in their yard," I feared a suggestion for midnight slaughter might be next and was glad I was wrong.

    Very difficult to get a turkey even in Athens. They're usually numerous around Christmas only; otherwise it's turkey breast and legs, no whole ones.

  4. Laurie-Thanks! Glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving as well.

    Kat- Thanks again for your make me blush.
    A midnight slaugher? That's too funny! I couldn't do it. My husband suggested that we buy a turkey and put it in his aunt's yard for the year and I nixed that as well. I don't really want to know the turkey that I'll eat. We'll just get to know the local butcher and see what he can do. And, I haven't been able to find any turkey legs or breasts yet. I have to keep searching because my daughter loves turkey and has been begging to have it. I just need the time to search! :)