Monday, November 19, 2007

I took these photos last week...much more spectacular than the previous 2.


  1. hasn't the sky been amazing lately? we turned around and the sun was setting with streaks of pink and warm butter tones.

    but it sure isn't because it's so warm and sunny the next day. maybe it's toxins...haha.

    thinking of u all

  2. incredible view cheryl

    i talked about you today -- how wierd is that?? we had a fire burning all day since it was thanksgiving, and then a big windstorm kicked up, and whoosh, did we get a lot of soot in the air. someone thought it was wierd, and i got to say, "we're not the only ones, there's this woman who blogs from Greece who had the same problem!" Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. kat, yes! the sky has been beautiful lately! I'm usually too busy to notice most days. No, it hasn't been really warm but it's not as cold as home. They had their 1st snowfall yesterday. I do miss snow, but not the cold!

    Laurie- that's really funny, my nose was itching earlier.:) Honestly, I've had fireplaces before but have never had that happen. I won't be lighting any fires on windy days anymore. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!