Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year! Kali Hronia!

I hope that 2008 is a great year. I really haven't had time to reflect on 2007 yet as I've been sick, again. Sunday evening, Dec. 30, we were in the car driving home from a great dinner with friends and my throat started to hurt. I was almost afraid to tell Kosta that my throat hurt because we were just really sick right before & after Christmas. I think that I had about 2 good days last week. As soon as we got home I put the kids to bed so that I could get some rest myself. That's when my fever started.

Monday morning, New Year's Eve, I woke up to let the dog out and also to alert Kosta that I was going back to bed and wouldn't be getting out for a while. My fever persisted and my throat was nearly swollen shut. I couldn't swallow my tea! I didn't get out of bed all day. It's a good thing that we didn't have any plans. I woke up late at night because we had to prepare for Santa's arrival. I was awake long enough to wish Kosta a happy New Year and suggest that he take the kids to MIL's for New Year's dinner on his own.

The next morning the kids woke me up so that they could see what Santa left for them, I wanted to die. I was so sick. But, I peeled myself out of bed and pretended to be well. I made breakfast and sat on the couch. I never sit on the couch, the couch is foreign to my behind. I turned to Kosta and pleaded for permission to stay home by myself, I didn't care if it was the New Year...i was sick. At first he agreed that it was probably the best thing for me to do and then came the guilt trip. He was pointing out how much everyone would miss me and that his mom was already making special soup for me. I told him that I thought all of that was just dandy but I wasn't looking forward to getting dressed or sitting in the car for an hour & a half.

I went.

I have to say that MIL was extraordinarily sweet. She had hot tea ready for me and a pair of slippers for me to keep my feet warm. She made youverlaki (lemon/meatball soup) for me. After dinner I went straight into the bedroom and took a nap with Alexandra. I slept longer than she did. When I woke up I had another cup of tea and insisted on leaving as it was late. I just wanted to be in my jammies at home.

Once we got home we realized that the house seemed a little cold. We ran out of diesel, fantastic. We just ordered some 3 weeks ago(3oo euros worth!) and we were already out! We have to get used to having a boiler. So, there I was sick and freezing. We bundled the kids up in sweatsuits and extra blankets and went to bed. Oh, I should also mention that it just happened to be colder than normal that day-Murphy's Law.

The next morning I took the dog out and had enough energy to fill the wheelbarrow with wood so that I could start a fire before everyone else woke up. My throat was still very sore but I had energy for the first time in days. It's a good thing because Kosta woke up with a sore throat. He ordered diesel for the boiler and hit the couch. As the day progressed he got a fever. He felt like crap. I couldn't help myself so I asked him if he'd like to go anywhere for dinner. I still wasn't 100% but I took over as the adult in charge once again. The diesel wasn't delivered until almost 9:00pm that night so we felt crappy as we kept the fire going throughout the day.

Thursday Kosta couldn't talk because his throat was so swollen. Again, I had to ask him if he'd like to go anywhere or visit anyone, I just had to. I think that this move has added a new dimension to our relationship as we like to taunt each other now. We've never really done that before. Anyway, Kosta was down for the count and then little Foti said his throat hurt so I kept him home from school and took him to the pediatrician. It seems that he was in the beginning stages of the virus. Today he has a fever.

That sums up how our winter has been. We've been really sick and viruses spread like wildfire within our family. It seems that as soon as we catch up with work or commitments another virus invades our home. I can only hope that we don't have to endure any more illenesses once this one has passed. I'll start reflecting as soon as my throat stops burning. Until then I'll begin hoping that 2008 is a healthy year for our family. It can only get better!


  1. First of all Perastika!!! I hope the new year grants you the gift of strengthened immune systems after all of these biological attacks.

    Second, Xronia Polla for Foti's name day today. I wanted to come over and say something before I forget.

    I certainly hope you all feel better and stay warm.

  2. That no more diesel thing happened to us (except it was 500 euros and 4 weeks) but the good thing in Greece is that you can reach an actual individual person who will actually deliver you actual oil.

    I let us get close here in France, where there's only 'big business'. We had about 200 liters left, but it was 3 days short of the two weeks it takes from the time you order until the first they can possibly deliver. So, I spent a lot of time going to and from the gas station.

    I'm surprised they guilted you into going (and you shouldn't feel a bit bad about yanking hubby's chain, he deserves it). It's not just that you feel bad, it's also that you contaminate everyone else with your illness. You poor thing.

    Happy new year! Hope this one sees you well and happy.

  3. Ahh, Cheryl, that all sounds pretty horrible, and I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick. Περαστικά!!!

    But like you say -- life can only get better!

    Wish I lived nearby; I'd don a mask and bring you some chicken soup, toast, and 7-up, the surefire combination to make you feel better.

  4. Kat,
    Thanks! We're all feeling better! It seemed like we were all sick forever. I hope that this is it for the winter. A lot of natives are telling us that we are getting sick because of our climate change but that's actually not the case. We were just as sick last year. The kids bring this stuff home from school!
    Thanks for wishing Foti a Happy Name Day!!

    Syd-Thanks! Happy New Year to you also.
    Wow! I can't believe that you have to wait two weeks for someone to deliver petrol! I couldn't imagine going to the gas station for petrol...that's a lot of schlepping. But, you have to stay warm!!

    Laurie-Thanks! I wish you were my neighbor too! You wouldn't have to wear a mask though! I made chicken soup, MIL sent some chicken soup and we had lots of OJ. We're all better now! Thanks again.
    My neighbor in Milwaukee was like you, she would always leave little treats on the porch or inside the door when life was hectic for us. Even when life wasn't so hectic. One year she even weeded my front yard on Mother's day for me and I didn't notice for a few days.(had small babies at the time) My new neighbor has also made us a few things...she even made me slippers because she says that I need to keep my feet warm! It's great to have good neighbors! Take care:)