Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday morning banana bread

For months I've been hanging on to overripe bananas hoping that I'd make banana bread, only to toss them into the trash just before the onset of a swarm of fruit flies. Sunday was the day that I finally decided use a pair of bananas that I'd been hanging on to for the last week and make banana bread.

I've been looking at several recipes online and in my own cook books and I decided to use one from Joy of Izabella helped me mix the ingredients and we popped it into the oven. The recipe calls for pecans and also sliced bananas for the top. I didn't have any nuts on hand and I also decided not to put sliced bananas on the top of the mixture either because I thought that the kids would see baked bananas on top of the bread and not want anything to do with it.

The house smelled wonderful as the bread was baking. The aroma of the bananas and cinnamon slowly enveloped the entire house, what a pleasant smell. Both Kosta and Foti couldn't wait for it to come out of the oven. When I did take it out of the oven, they were the first to get a slice. Izabella didn't want any which was surprising because she used to love banana bread. Anyway, the bread was a hit, we loved it and I'll definitely make it again, but it really does need to have nuts in it.

Quotes from my men-

Kosta: " On a scale from 1 to's 110! Make it every Sunday!" (we'll have to see...)

Foti: "Mama, you make the best banana bread. Can I have more?" (of course my little bug...)

Here's a link for the recipe that I used.


  1. Don't throw them out! Peel them and put them in a baggie or plastic container and throw it in the freezer. Won't make a bit of difference in the product.

    Banana bread is one of our favorites too. I mentioned it to our landlords (a suggestion on using some black walnuts I gifted them with) and they laughed at me. They're Brits, though, so you can't take them seriously.

  2. Syd-Thanks for the tip. I put some in the freezer today! Another friend gave me the same tip over the phone the same night that I wrote the post...where have I been all of this time. Very helpful tip!

    Maybe your landlords laughed because they don't bake. ??? That's funny. Maybe one day they'll tell you what they used them for.