Thursday, May 22, 2008

A birthday dinner...

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday. I've been lucky enough to have made a few good friends this year so when one of them offered to watch our kids for a few hours so that Kosta and I could enjoy a nice dinner, I accepted.

We had dinner seaside and really enjoyed ourselves. I went in with grilled octopus & calamari (my usual) in mind, but the owner of the psarotaverna(fish taverna) we went to insisted that the octopus & calamari weren't fresh enough and instead, offered crayfish and shrimp. I love when an owner/chef insists that there's something better because we're rarely disappointed.

Aside from a small party at the other side of the taverna we had the place to ourselves. The party was really neat because it was a small group of friends singing and dancing-accompanied by a man playing a bouzouki. (ok, not him but you get the picture) So, we were able to enjoy live entertainment and great food-what could be better?

Now comes the part where I wish that I could insert that sound effect of a record know the one. So, we were finishing our lovely meal and my friend called. I could hear Foti balling his head off . Apparently, he fell asleep on her couch and had an "accident" so he was freaked out and embarrassed. (my poor little bug)

My friend said that he felt warm so she gave him some fever reducer. I hung up the phone, let out a big sigh and finished my retsina.We paid our bill and headed out. We had such a nice time.
It turns out that Foti did have a fever so he couldn't wait to get home. Izabella ended up spending the night at my friend's house because she was having such a blast doing "girly" things like painting nails & curling hair with my friend's daughter. It was her first "big" girl sleepover. Another milestone...

Kosta bought me a cake and we were planning to cut it with the kids after we finished dinner but since things weren't falling according to plan, we decided to save the cake for Sunday since we were expecting some friends. Actually, that worked out for the best. We had a great bbq and topped it off with the cake.

Here's my cake. Foti loved putting the sparklers on it. I know, my American friends are probably going over the edge imagining sparklers anywhere near kids, but it's the norm here. A birthday cake without sparklers just doesn't exist. It's so exciting!

The cake was chocolate with cream(cherry, vanilla & chocolate) and whole cherries. It was very rich but not too sweet- simply delicious.
I enjoyed my birthday and I couldn't have asked for more.


  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday!!!

  2. Wow, how cool is that?...I was still editing and I hit "publish" and you've already read it and commented. Very cool. Of course...I could have asked for more-like having you guys with me. We're working on that! Love you!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sorry your night didn't go as planned but it still seems like you had a nice time. I thought about you when we drove to the airport and for the first time I noticed signs to your village.

  4. Thanks Mel! We did have a nice time. We're happy with whatever time we can have alone for now. The kids won't be small forever and we'll have plenty of time for quiet dinners later.

    Btw-I always look up at your village. Now I just have to get there someday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Re:sparklers - we always played with them when we were kids with just a touch of supervision (there were adults in the vicinity) - is that not the done thing anymore? Don't tell me you don't let them play with staple guns either?!!

  6. Thank you Syd!
    We played with sparklers as kids also, but they're considered illegal in Wisconsin now. Parents still do buy them for their kids...but of course I didn't because I always follow the rules. I know, I'm a dud that way.
    But, I have to laugh about the mention of staple guns because Kosta will give Foti anything and everything(well almost) that he has in his mighty-man tool collection, and of course with supervision. I nearly pass out each time I see my kid certain tools, but he's closely supervised. Kosta & I are perfectly balanced...he's the fun parent & I'm the party pooper.

  7. First, happy birthday :-)) I'm glad you had a good time, it sounds perfect (by the way the cake looks delicious too).

    I was surprised to hear sparklers are illegal in Wisconsin?!! Why?? I don't understand...

    Anyway, hope you're well, and again: happy birthday!

  8. Cassandra, thank you, it was nice.
    I'm sorry that I said that sparklers were illegal...technically they're not but it's one of the very few things that are legal. The use of sparklers in public places is usually banned and it's discouraged to use them most of the time due to the number of injuries incurred by fireworks etc. I was using sarcasm and it just doesn't translate well in the written form. Anyway, most Americans wouldn't use them on a birthday cake.
    Thanks again!

  9. Syd, sparklers aren't technically illegal in WI....sorry. I was using sarcasm. They are highly discouraged so back home I just didn't bother buying them for my they're so young. Iza was actually burned by a sparkler at the 4th of July last year...a family sitting near us was lighting them and gave her one. So, I'm just a dud. :)

  10. Happy BirthdaY!! I'm so glad you got to go out. As for karavides, they are one of my very favorite foods in the world. I was already hankering for them because tonight's Iron Chef America, the secret ingredient was karavides! I think it's a sign but, sadly, they aren't available her. Oh well, I hope you ate enough for me!!

  11. Thank you Laurie. We're glad that we got out too! We LOVED the karavides. As I mentioned, I had other things in mind but these were even better than my old stand-by order. Iron Chef America...loved that show. I'll have to look it up online when I get the chance.
    Oh, and I did have enough...I was so full leaving that taverna. I always have my foodie friends in mind whenever I go out! :)