Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm sure that everyone can probably imagine just how busy we've been over the last few weeks. The kids went back to school today so I'm taking a few minutes to share some photos from the holidays.

We spent Easter in Kozani. Here's a photo of Izabella just after she received the Holy Light. It was a challenge walking back to the apartment with the kids trying to keep their candles lit!
The Easter table complete with roses from my garden...
MIL roasted the lamb in the oven and it was wonderful. I can say that because although I'll eat lamb, I'm not a big fan. But, this one was really, really succulent. We had salad, roasted veggies, tzatziki, beets, tiropita, spanikopita and rice that was cooked right in with the lamb... amazing. The next photo is of the hungry kids waiting to eat...
Dessert was karythopita, a Greek walnut cake drenched in syrup. I need to learn how to make that!

On the Monday after Easter we had a baptism to attend. It was my husband's cousin's baby that was being baptized. Izabella was lucky enough to have been chosen to hold the labatha. She was thrilled!

After the baptism we attend the dinner at a local taverna and as usual, the food was great. Isn't funny that I'm always talking about food? Well, it was fantastic. There was pork souvlaki, bifteki( ground beef patty heavily spiced), "shiskebob" ( the difference between souvlaki & shiskebob is that the "shiskebob" is usually large cuts of beef served off of the skewer opposed to souvlaki that's smaller cuts of meat served on the skewer) and a plethora of salads. You name it, it was on the table-marouli (romaine), cabbage, argura-domata (tomato-cucumber) and more. Fantastic.
After the dinner we retreated back to MIL's so that we could enjoy coffee before our ride home.
Our ride home was actually not as bad as we had expected given the holiday weekend had come to an end.
But, once we got home things were probably as typical as a day in our lives could be. What do I mean? Well, we arrived home just before 10 pm to find a neighbor talking to my husband's uncle (up the road) because he needed a little help. Why? Well, apparently the neighbor was passing by our home-showing his wife where we lived and he drove straight into a ditch aka wheat field. Why did he end up in a ditch? He claims he was trying to turn around...but I just can't begin to understand why someone would drive into an unknown field rather than pull a Y-turn by our gate...
So, in order for Kosta to help pull his car out of the ditch we had to unpack all of our things, like immediately, so that Kosta could get the hitch that he needed in order to start the process. Sleepy kids, 2 suitcases and a dog that wanted to pee really bad and I still had to open the door. Just typical in our lives and all that we could do was laugh...and finally settle in.
The next morning we were full speed ahead again since we were expecting 30 or so people for May 1st... more to come on that in my next post!
Oh and for those of you that celebrate- have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! Gotta try to dig up some tequila to make myself a margarita.


  1. Finally, another person who knows it's Cinco de Mayo! We were supposed to have Mexican tonight, but my male counterpart is working so maybe on Seis de Mayo.

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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  3. You're welcome Kat! Cinco de Mayo is always a great reason to eat Mexican food! Too bad that the only restaurant that I've tried around here is horrible, even the chips are soggy. :( I fell asleep before I could make a margarita. wah! But, we had tacos on Saturday. A friend served us tacos, enchiladas, chips & salsa and I'm grateful because we're still eating leftovers from Proto Maya.

  4. Sounds like a fun time - though Easter and the day after are always good days. I love Izabella's coat and how intently she is watching her candle. Maybe the neighbor was having too much St. George's Day fun...

  5. I love the picture of Izabella with the Holy Light. Sounds like you had a great holiday! I need some good Mexican/Spanish/Latin American recipes so maybe next year I can celebrate Cinco De Mayo right - I took it for granted in the U.S. and now there isn't anywhere to go eat, so I just have to cook for myself!

  6. Laurie, thanks...I like the picture of Izabella too. And about the neighbor-he & Kosta have taken up a crusade to clean up our area and so they've become buddies. His wife hadn't met us before that night so I believe his story...but our house is at the end of a road to proceed a Y turn. I guess it's just lack of common sense -especially in the dark! :)

    Mel-Thanks. We did have a nice holiday weekend. The kids enjoyed staying up late.

    Maybe next year we'll have to have a Cinco de Mayo fiesta of our own! I'm planting my cilantro seeds this week.

  7. A Cinco De Mayo fiesta sounds like fun!

    Ahhhh, cilantro. I'm going to need some of that! Did you get your seeds here or bring them from the states?

  8. Kosta brought it here from the States in November. But, I've heard that there are certain laikis in Thessaloniki that sell fresh cilantro...just don't know where. Anyway, I'd be glad to share!

  9. Izabella looks like a little icon...but cuter!