Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here are just some photos from my Memorial Day...

This morning I discovered these 2 lizards in our sidewalk chalk box that was left on railing of our balcony. It seems that they must have run down a column and ended up in the box. They couldn't get out as the box was too slippery. I think that they were relieved when I found them and let them out.

I did have BBQ sauce and I made the chicken that I'd been craving. It's been a while since I've been allowed near the grill and I love using the grill! So, we had chicken, corn, potato salad and kidney bean salad for our Memorial Day dinner. The kids were thrilled.

Gigi was hanging out in the hayati. (the little house that the grill is in...can't think of how to translate it at the moment) She was really hoping that I might drop the chicken. Look at how desperate she looks, I never feed her.

The pomegranate blossoms are gorgeous. Very bright orange!

I also want to add that I officially took the day off today. I think that it was time. I'm just exhausted. Of course you all know that a mother of 3 doesn't really get a day off. I slacked a lot-so much that my husband mentioned it. You should see my laundry pile now-especially after the weekend. Ugh. It will all be there for me tomorrow, that's how I see it so I decided to go easy on myself. Iza said, "Mom-are all of those clothes dirty?"-and I said, "yep".

It was a perfect day to slack though. It was really hot, hotter than it's been so far this year. Also, as I was slacking I swear that I felt small tremors. I was telling Kosta about it and of course, I was just overreacting until he felt one moments later when the couch trembled a little. Ha! I'm not sure why he never believes me after all of these years. Although many of my stories and/or concerns seem exaggerated at times-they never are. So, I checked the EMSC to see if it was recorded but it hadn't. It must have been too small- I think. We probably experience tremors regularly but I'd never know it because I never sit in one place long enough to realize anything.

***I'd like to thank Mel for my new EMSC obsession!***


  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one obsessed with earthquake monitoring! We have them ALL the time - seriously, check it out: http://www.aeic.alaska.edu/Seis/recenteqs/

    As for slacking - it's necessary to do once in awhile just to recharge your batteries. Your family is the beneficiary when you take a break.

    As for the pomegranate flowers: GORGEOUS! Lucky lizards!

  2. Feed the dog? You're supposed to feed a dog? Oh, boy...

    The first time I saw pomegranate flowers, I didn't know what they were. So odd, with the plastic looking casing and the crepe paper petals - and then they turned into little pomegranates! Amazing.

  3. A better site to check for northern Greece small earthquakes is:
    Just click on "select area" and then click on the catalogue next to Thessaloniki - which gives a list of all tremors in the Thessaloniki/Halkidiki area. However, it doesn't look like there was even a small tremor in the area yesterday!

    A slacking day is necessary, I think. I have many (too many) but it is easier without kids.

    That chicken looks delicious!

  4. Hey Laurie, thanks for the info! I know that the whole world is always changing/moving but I guess when a person thinks of earthquakes, Alaska isn't the first place to come to mind. Although, I have heard that there's quite a bit of activity there.
    I like the flowers too. And, yes, the lizards are lucky that I found them, Iza would've kept them in the box for another night! :)

    Syd-If I were sitting at a table having coffee with you-I'd just smile at your first comment-you're funny! :)
    This is my first time seeing the pomegranate flowers and I also think that they're odd, really waxy but beautiful. I love that they're so bright.

    Mel-Thanks for that other link. You know, I don't know what happened then...??? It's so quiet out here and I'm not sure that there's any construction. But, since nothing registered...then nothing happened.
    I'll tell you, before kids, slacking wasn't so bad because work didn't pile up as fast. I enjoyed my day but boy, did I pay for it yesterday! :)
    We have to get together to BBQ some chicken...I mean, you are from the BBQ capitol!

  5. It could have been some fireworks or who knows what in the distance? Every once in awhile I think I feel a tremor when I don't hear anything, so who knows. Maybe some things go on with those ships out in the bay or something.

    Getting together for BBQ sounds fun! I usually make my own BBQ sauce - but that is for oven baked chicken. I really want to learn how to make pulled pork BBQ but I have no idea at all!

  6. I'm the total opposite -- I don't even blink unless the Richter is above 7.0. I suppose that's the drawback of growing up in CA.

    Gigi is so cute. My dog used to beg, and it started because my dad gave him things off the table. When/if I have another dog, that's not going to even be an issue.

    Love the blossoms and the garden as always! Can't wait til the day I get mine back.

  7. Mel, I know...we did really feel something. It happened 3 times. We are really close to the bay too. ???? I guess we'll never know. It happened when we lived in Drama, there was a 2.5 tremor and I didn't say anything about it until one of my friends mentioned it. I thought that she'd think I was nuts, but that time I wasn't.

    I'll email you and we'll have to get together. I'd love to try your sauce. I made pulled pork once...with a lot of help from a friend. It's awesome.

    Hey Kat! - I know, you've probably been conditioned well in CA. I was in a 5.0 in Kozani after their big one in '95-that was scary enough for me.
    We think that Gigi's cute too. We were so good about not feeding her from the table for months...but my husband is a softy, so now I always make sure to have prepare a plain piece of meat just for her. She's spoiled. I give her rice too. So, we've bent a little but not enough to harm her since she doesn't get sauces or spices.
    About the garden, thanks. I love them too. It's very nice when I'm not feeling hip-to just step outside for a minute and look at the yard. Hopefully, one day you'll sit here and enjoy the view too!