Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gigi's Reveal

Do you recognize this dog?

Can it be the same dog as this one?

The scruffy, fluffy dog that plans her escape with Alexandra?

Yes, it's the same dog. It's our Gigi. I took her for a haircut Thursday morning and man, did she get buzzed! While she was on the table getting her hair cut another family walked in and asked if we wanted to "marry " her off to their dog. I thought not since he was a black husky type dog and hopefully not her type. We all had a good laugh. She looks pretty good tidy. The kids can't keep their hands off of her, they just giggle and laugh and chase her so that they can hug her. We haven't been hugging her too much in the last few weeks because of our tick issue. My poor puppy was just like a tick magnet with her long hair. It'll be much easier to help her now and she won't be so hot this summer. Um, does she need sunscreen now?

Iza came home from school and just giggled her little heart out at first sight of Gigi's new look. She said, "Mom, now she really looks like a poodle! I have a poodle!" Ok, well- half poodle but poodle nevertheless. Foti was interested in her for once also. He wanted to walk her and soon a sibling spat ensued. Fighting over the dog? Wow. That hasn't happened since we first brought her home.

So in our shock and adoration we've been repeating a few different descriptive words within the last few days...


We just can't stop adoring her. She's soaking up the attention too. Now, if we even put her outside for a minute she whines and cries. What a little princess, huh? I really have to find that rhinestone collar-what do you think pink with rhinestones? Or purple? Maybe I'll find a gold one. Or maybe we can find one of those marabou feather collars for special occasions? Will we have to knit her a sweater? Or buy this one?

The possibilities are endless now!

***The pink sweater can be found here.***


  1. Aw!!

  2. Oh! Alexandra and Iza are so sweet and cute. Diva Gigi reminded me our adorable dog 'Ocean' a beautiful boxer we never forget.

  3. Lulu, I know-we've been saying that a lot too.

    Philip-Thank you, I think that the girls are cute too.:)
    I think that Ocean is a great name.

  4. Cheryl need your e-mail to send you a photo. He had a great name 'Ocean' as well as 'Okeanos'. You may send me an e-mail if you like. Thanks.

  5. too cute~ the kids and the dog! Miss you much! L, P, C, and S

  6. I have some pictures very much like this from June 2006 when we had Geena shaved for the hot summer. I will admit that the years have taken their toll on her and the effect (comparing her to Gigi) is similar to looking at Cameron Diaz in a bikini vs. Bea Arthur. Gigi has a very nice shape.

    Anyhow, just after we shaved her it got really cool and she had to be kept under a blanket (and I did knit her a little sweater!)

    But it's much more comfy for them and way more manageable for us, no? She really fits her name now. Gigi, la chienne belle!

  7. Syd, lol-I know Gigi is still a young hottie. I love the reference to Bea Arthur! Geena is still beautiful-she's got those to die for curly locks!
    Gigi has been shivering quite a bit and always wants to snuggle on the couch. I've given her some more old baby blankets and she makes herself a warm little nest out of them. Poor puppy is still adjusting.
    It is more manageable for us-much, much more. I felt so bad when they shaved her, she had so many ticks that I could have never possibly seen! (all dead of course) I felt horrible.
    Now, she's clean and gorgeous and yes, her name definitely suits her more now. Love the French!

  8. It is like having a whole new dog! I wish we could shave our cats. But then I have a feeling the hair would just grow back quicker and shed more. It would be funny to see them all shaved, though.

  9. Mel, Yes, it totally is. I find myself staring at her every now and then.
    Shaved cats...hmmmm. What are those bald ones called? That's what they'd all look like. I think that a cat looks(& feels)so much better with fur. Plus- I know that a cat would get pissed without its fur whereas a dog would just feel cold and embarrassed to be naked. I still think cats are smarter. Can you tell I'm still a little apprehensive about joining the other side?

    2Bears...we miss you A LOT!!

  10. I wouldn't have even known that was Gigi if you hadn't told me. When we had a dog and took him for a haircut, we were just the opposite. No one wanted to touch him. We liked him better fluffy and fuzzy.

    I vote for the sweater and pink rhinestone collar :)

  11. Hey Kat! I know, if I would have left her at the vet and then gone to pick her up I might have thought that I had the wrong dog! I'm glad that I hung out while she was being shaved.
    I kind of like the pink sweater too!