Friday, June 20, 2008

Owl in the House!

Just as we had suspected, the owl was still in the fireplace today. We left the house for about 5 hours today and when we returned I warned Izabella as we unlocked the door. I said, "now be careful, that owl might be loose inside". Sure enough, as soon as we opened the door it swooped down over us from the living room into the kitchen where we'd just opened the door. Of course, we couldn't have been as cool as Foti was 2 days before. We had to scream, naturally. So we screamed....then we giggled. I was taking pictures and I think that I freaked the little owl out. Oh, I forgot to was just a baby. How sweet is that? So, there we were screaming and it flew over us so that we could scream some more.
Next, it flew over us to find its comfortable curtain rod. It sat there for a few minutes and then Kosta came in. He talked to the owl again and went to open the door. Honestly...he's good with the owl! I told one of my sisters this story and she dubbed him the "owl whisperer". I can only laugh. That was great!
Anyway, Kosta pointed toward the door and told the owl that it needed to leave and that the door was open for him. The little owl flew over us again and we screamed.
The little owl decided to take a break on top of the kitchen cupboards again before finally leaving. ( cute)

After a brief rest on the cupboard it left the house. Now how's that for excitement? It took the kids a little while to settle down. They were so excited. I was too, but I couldn't help screaming like a fool. (I'm the same with mice) I guess that I was nervous watching those claws fly over me and the kids.
I haven't found any droppings but the fireplace is a mess. I guess that it'd be a good time to clean out the ashes...


  1. he does look spooky - i think i'd freak out just like izabella!

    if you plant zucchini, you need a ton of recipes to get rid of them, as well as a deep freeze.

    i've made jam quite often, and it really is rewarding to have your own spread for breakfast, so i know how you'll feel once you've made it

  2. The 'invation' of the owl is just impressive! Not many have this great experience as you. Wisdom is established in your house.

  3. Maria, yes...he does look a little spooky. Imagine how I felt when all I could see were 2 yellow eyes staring at me from behind the fireplace screen...just 2 big yellow eyes...that's all that I saw!
    About zucchini- I know, I have to experiment with a lot of recipes to see what goes over with the family. I can also give a lot away to MIL and some friends.
    Have a great weekend!

    Philip, I think that you're right. Our experience is quite unique especially since he came in 2 days in a row. Let's hope that you're right about wisdom! Have a great weekend.

  4. I guess I'm just weird because I think owls are great birds and the fact this is a baby just makes me think how sweet he is.

  5. there's nothing wrong with being authentic whenever possible, i agree!

  6. Kat-No, you're not weird. I have great respect for the owls. The one in the house was cute until his claws flew close to my head a few times. I hope that he stays outside from here on! :)


  7. I had Spyros ( take a look, and he says it's a Little Owl (Athenae noctua), the same owl of Athena depicted on the 1-euro coin. It's very useful to catch small rodents.

  8. Thanks Kat! That's really interesting. Got to love Athena and her owl!
    Again, thanks for checking that out...I've been so busy! Had Foti's Nona from the States and today we have another friend from coming for a few days. And, it's hot as hell!