Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The lilies are abundant now and they're so beautiful. They remind me of home. I have these in Milwaukee and I remember that I would anxiously wait for them to bloom because once they did, it was really summer. Plus, they would continue their blooms all summer long. I'm having a busy week and I've been thinking of home....a lot.


  1. Me too! But in the summer I take the kids ( as soon as they finish school) and come there. By end of summer we are back in "boring" but problem-free U.S.
    What kind of camera are you using? The shots are wonderful.

  2. Oh Cheryl, I really know the feeling (I mean REALLY know) and am so sympathetic. Living at length in another culture is trying. At least you have beautiful daylilies to brighten your day!

  3. Cheryl, I can understand you. Mind however what the wise Anchient Greeks said. "Where you are is your country". Make it to be true!



  4. Gorgeous photo!

    I tagged you for a meme over at my place!

  5. Anonymous-Hi there! It's great that you're able to bring the kids over each summer. That was our plan initially, to live in the U.S. and visit Greece each summer, but now it looks as if we'll be doing it in reverse. I hope that you have a great time in Greece.
    My camera is a Canon - Digital Rebel XT. I love it. I wanted one after our kids were baptized and I saw the photographer's. Here's a link

    Laurie, Laurie- Thanks for your sympathy! Wah! :) If it weren't for all of the beauty around me it would be much harder. I've always wanted my own garden and now I've got it so it's a great distraction.

    Philip, You are right and I do feel that way. I'm just still adjusting. My husband was away for 2 weeks in November-at our home in Milwaukee. Sure the house was ours and he was comfortable, but without me & the kids it just wasn't "home" anymore. I accepted this as my home more after he returned because our home is where we are, just as you have pointed out. Efharisto poli for the words of wisdom!

    Hey Mimi! Thanks. It's good to see that you've come out from the piles of boxes! I'll check out your meme as soon as I get a chance. I hope that you're getting comfy in your new home.

  6. Blogger does it again, for those of you that read the post yesterday-this is what my post looked like in draft. It didn't look this way yesterday and somehow it corrected itself overnight. ???? I always wonder.

  7. Perhaps ancient Greeks said, "Where you are is your country," but modern Greeks do not feel this way. I'm still being told to "go home" after 10 years here and constantly reminded that GR is indeed not my country.