Thursday, July 3, 2008


Fresh figs. Honestly...I'd never had a fresh one until last year. The only fig that I ever knew before that was our lovely cookie back home called the Fig Newton. These figs were given to us by a neighbor yesterday. We do have a fig tree but it isn't ripe for the picking yet, we still have a few weeks in front of us for that. These figs are absolutely delicious!


  1. I bet they are delicious, especially after a few more days!

  2. Congratulations on discovering figs - one of the best summer treats. Try them with a little feta - yummy.

  3. We bought fresh figs in cartons in CA, and they're great off the tree in GR as well.

  4. Ah, the Fig Newton's of my childhood! :-)

    Now that I love fresh figs and have a tree that produces them, guess what, the birds get most of them! Crap!!

    My revenge is to pick them unripe and make them into spoon sweets. I'm trying to get a post up about that, but Maria has me busy trying to catch snails. :-)

  5. phivos-yes, they were delicious. Alexandra ate most of them. We can't wait to harvest from our own tree.

    Laurie-Why, thank you! I'm so glad that we have them. The 1st time that I tasted one was the 2nd time that we came to look at the house. I will try them with feta, that's something I've never thought of before. You are so good at blending flavors!

    Kat-Hey chica! You were so lucky to have them in CA! I'm sure that if I would've known how wonderful they are fresh I probably would've been able to find them in WI. I just didn't know.

    Lulu-I know, Fig Newton's were my favorite store bought cookie as a child. We didn't know what the hell a fig was but we loved them anyway. And with "figgy pudding"...we were at a loss. We were so midwestern!
    It's so great that you have a fig tree! The birds got most of our cherries and more than half of our apricots! I wish I could keep them away. I will definitely have to try making spoon sweets this year. I wanted to with my walnuts but I was too late. I can't wait to see your post.
    Oh, and the snails...I still can't tell Iza. She would be crushed. :)
    But, wow! What a process. Good luck harvesting those little guys. Can't wait to here about that adventure.

  6. Yum yum yum!

    If I book a plane ticket tomorrow, I could be there in time to bite into a few....


  7. hi cheryl - fresh figs are delicious, but in crete we don't have them until august - they're not ripe enugh yet - the aubergines should come out later in the month - we planted early (and crete does get an overdose of sunshine anyway)

  8. Greek Goddess- (I love your screen name)'re right! The world is really only a plane ticket away from anything... or anywhere.

    Hi Maria! These were delicious. Our tree is due to have ripe figs in August as well. Apparently, our neighbor has a tree that blooms earlier in the season as well as the kind that I have that blooms in August. It was great of him to share.

  9. A boyfriend in the dim deep past who was a chef introduced me to fresh figs: on a picnic in a beautiful park, with lovely cheeses and breads and a cold wine. It was wonderful. And I thought: where have you been all my life, figs?

  10. I just have to say-that must have been a very romantic picnic! Yeah, forget the guy and dig the fig! No but really, it does sound like an incredibly romantic picnic> I'm flustered just thinking about it! :)