Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A morning greeting

This morning I opened the shutters upstairs and saw my neighbor and his friend. Here's what happened...

Me: "Good morning!"

Him: "Good morning! How are you? How's the family?"

Me: "Great, everyone is fine, thanks."

Him: "Your rose bushes need pruning!"

Fantastic hey? With that I let out a big sigh and closed the sliding door.


  1. How NICE! Makes you want to get to know him better, eh? ;)

  2. Next time you can tell him you're letting them grow to keep out burglars!

  3. Kat-Yep,I know. It's like my dad lives across the street...only my dad doesn't nag me like that. I know that he's trying be helpful but it's so draining. Just pretend to be happy or something! Ya know?

    Ado-Good one! But, Kosta actually pruned them on Friday. No, not because Mr. Neighborman told us, because we had planned on doing it Friday, weather permitting. Although, I'm sure that he's giving himself credit for motivating us. :)

  4. Supposedly, this is not considered "nagging" though. It's been explained to me, as "See, I cared enough about you to notice you and your needs." Yeah hah.

    I say, "Koita tin douleia sas." ;)