Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heavenly Flamouri

Summer is almost here and that means that it's time to pick my flamouri blossoms(aka "linden" or "tilio") for tea . I've been keeping a close watch on the trees and their blossoms, listening for the low hum of the bees busily buzzing around them. I recall the previous owner of this property telling us that the trees usually started to blossom around the fourth of June each year. Like clockwork, they did. So, for the last two weeks I've been enjoying the sweet fragrance of our two flamouri trees.
Both of the trees are near the house so the light, warm breezes carry the fragrance of the flamouri to wherever I seem to find myself. As I sit here and type this post, the cool night breeze delivers a light floral scent throughout the house. Dreamy.

One of the trees is right near the balcony of my bedroom, which is wonderful as I wake up to the heavenly scent as well.

I've harvested some of the blossoms but not quite as many as I'd have liked to by now. The problem is that our trees were pruned a bit too high last year and even with a ladder, it's difficult to reach most of the flowers. What works the best for me is when I arm myself with kitchen shears and a bucket so that I'm not wobbling too much while on the ladder. It's a simple thing to do and the reward is priceless. Three years ago I couldn't have imagined that I'd be doing something so simple and rewarding...and loving every minute of it.

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  1. It's good you have realized that simple things in our life are rewarding... and give us a lot of happiness!!

  2. Well, I'm off to find me a Linden/Tilio/Flamouri tree.... not seen any around here

  3. i'm so glad to hear that there are people out there who can appreciate things like this in our daily life - have you ever wondered cheryl, what exactly you would have been doing instead of this if you were still in the states?

    the linden trees bring out all their aroma in the evening - wonderful sights

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I love all the garden pictures. I'm not familiar with Flamouri tea/blossoms but it sounds wonderful. Maybe like Jasmine?
    Hope you are well,

  5. Flamouri is a new one for me. I'll have to see if I can find a linden to plant. It looks like a really big tree though! I'm glad for the new info, thanks. Lovely picture of the flowers, too.

  6. Hoorah!!
    Found some, wouldn't believe it, my husband parks his land rover under one!!
    So, do you just pick the flowers and dry them??
    Sorry I haven't got your email...

  7. Phivos,
    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".
    - Leonardo da Vinci

    Jude, I'm so glad that you found some!! Yes, you pick the flowers & dry them. I've also included the long leaf attached to the flower as I've been told that boiling it with the flowers is beneficial also. My email is
    Enjoy your flamouri experience! Last year was the first for me and I loved having the tea in the winter. Have a fantastic week! :)

    Maria, yes-the fragrance in incomparable. What would I be doing if I were still in the states? Running, consuming, not wearing jeans(haha!)and planting my sweet container garden on my balcony...waiting a whole summer for 5 tomatoes and a few springs of parsley. But then again, I'd have my family and friends around me-if only I could combine my two worlds...
    Have a fantastic week Maria:)

    Angela, I'm glad that you're enjoying the garden pics...I have you in mind, believe it or not:)
    Yes, flamouri is a bit similar to jasmine being-although I'd give anything to have my own jasmine. Guess I should buy some to plant then...
    It's a fantastic floral tea-
    Have a great week!

    Lulu,'s nice to have you back!
    Flamouri was new to me last year and I only picked enough to for myself and a few others, not really knowing how wonderful it was. This year, I'm trying to get a bit more as I now have firsthand experience.
    It's a shame that the trees are so high though, because there's so much to be had that I can't get to.
    Have a beautiful week!

  8. Yes, Cheryl, the simple things are the best... but, I'd like, like you, a few more relatives so share it with...thank you, I'm off to gather some summer for the winter months.

  9. You make your own tea!! I'm so envious over your life!!!

  10. Hello Ms. Diva!
    Yes, I make my own tea and I haven't gathered nearly as much as I'd hoped due to lack of time & circumstances.'re life doesn't seem to shabby to me!:) Your office, alone, is enviable! I hope that you had fun in Italy.