Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carnival/Apokries Party

Last Thursday, Carnival/Apokries started in Greece. It's one of my favorite times in Greece because it's another reason for the kids to get dressed up. We attended our first party last weekend and the kids had a great time. I loved it because I was able to sit back, sip coffee and have an adult conversation as I watched the kids dance and play with their friends. 

The entertainer that was hired for the party was excellent! She kept a room full of kids entertained for more than two hours. I made sure to get her number for our future parties. She's perfect!

Even Foti enjoyed dancing, which is rare. He wore his Anakin Skywalker costume complete with his lightsaber. 

Anakin Skywalker!

The costumes were so colorful. Girls typically wear frilly, princess- type dresses. All of the girls looked very pretty.

Although we have a lot of princess costumes, Izabella chose to wear her rock star costume. She's officially obsessed with Hannah Montana. Because we still haven't found her a blonde wig, she asked if we could color her hair. I thought that was pretty cute, but the anwer is "no". We'll keep looking for a wig!

Alexandra wore her ladybug costume. She danced and twirled all night! 

My munchkins had a blast throwing streamers and confetti at me all night. I think that I was probably the only mother allowing my kids to cover me with confetti again and again. They laughed so hard  that I couldn't refuse.  Remnants of the party were my hair, in my purse, in the car, in my shoes and even  in my kitchen. 

 At the end of the night... 
We were very  tired and ready to go home, eat some popcorn and watch a short movie. This party was fantastic and we're looking forward to more celebrations this weekend. Maybe I'll even wear a costume, who knows? 


  1. i've never been able to get into the swing of things with carnival - maybe becos we never celebrated carnival or halloween in nz; apparently, a new trend started up once i left of dressing up for summer sports tournaments, so maybe this comes close - either way, it's a gap in my life

  2. Interesting party..The pictures looks great and amazing...Have a wonderful day :)

  3. @ Maria-that makes sense...if it's not something that you're accustomed to doing I can understand not getting into the swing of it. Look at me, I don't get into the swing of half of what's going on here! :)

    @ Bhavesh- Yes, it was really nice. I'm glad that you stopped by. I love your new idea, the wallpapers. I'll try to link to the post asap. Have a wonderful Thursday!

    @ Krisno- Thank you. The party was interesting and the children had so much fun. Hopefully we'll get to a party where there aren't any children and then the photos will be much more interesting!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!! :)

    @ Το blog της Θεσσαλονικιας- Efxaristo polh...kai epises!!

    Kalo vrathi ~~ :)

  4. Great pictures!! Although....I didn't see any trampolines at the carnival. I'm just sayin'

  5. What a party and the last photo is just gorgeous! Wish you dear Cheryl to have a lovely Valentine's Day!♥♥!Hugs.

  6. LOL to wanting to colour her hair! Is that really you under all those streamers?

  7. Great party. I miss the time when my children were young and we used to go to these carnival parties.

  8. Very nice pictures

  9. @ Phivos- Indeed, it was a fantastic party. Thank you for your kind words & Valentine wishes. I hope that you enjoy the three day weekend. Sending big hugs & kisses to you & Popi from the Chatzis family! xo :)

    @ Liz- yes, Iza really wanted to color her hair and it was very cute. "why not mom? you do it all the time?" oh well...I know what the future holds! :)
    Yes, that's me under the streamers! They thought is was hilarious and continued for about 1/2 hr. Very fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend!! ...making Valentine cupcakes? :)

    @ Ivy- yes it was fantastic. We had a wonderful time. I can imagine that you miss theses parties and one day I will too.

    Have a wonderful weekend Ivy!

  10. Anonymous...thank you. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hi Cheryl,
    The kids look great and the party looks like so much fun! Coffee and adult conversation sounds incredible too!
    Take care,