Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I'll simply share one of my favorite songs, sung by one of my favorite singers. 

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. First picture so lovely...Happy Valentine's Day..

  2. Krisno...thank you! I took that photo last night. It's carnival here and candy is everywhere. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I agree! Great pictures! Have a GREAT V-Day!!!

  4. Yeah!! Wonderful song....
    Lovely photo, hope you had a good weekend..
    Take care
    have a truly fab week

  5. We have just returned back to the routine from our three day weekend! The song is beautiful dear Cheryl. Wish you all the very best for the rest of the week! Hugs.

  6. the candy hearts must be one of the prettiest pictures i've seen for valentine's day

    thinking of you during this 3-day holiday...

  7. @ Spuds- Thank you sir! Had a great weekend with my family & V-Day was nice too :) Hope you had a great weekend!

    @ tobias- I'm so glad that you like the song. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. It's always nice to have you visit, thank you :) Have a great week!

    @ Jude- Thanks so much! I'm glad that you like the song. Weekend was quite busy & long, lots & lots of photos! I hope that you have a fantastic week too! :)xo

    @ Phivos- Thank you... I hope that you've enjoyed your three day weekend! We've just returned home ourselves and I'm trying to get back into routine but it might take a day longer for me! Have a fantastic week Phivos! xo

    @ Maria- Thank you, I'm glad that you like the picture, I wanted to do something different. Thank you for being so sweet! :0)
    I'll be in touch...
    Have a great night & a wonderful week. xo!