Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Happy 101 Award

I can't think of a better way to start my  week than sharing an award that I received from one of my blog friends, Bhavesh Chhatbar.His blog is called Blog.  Bhavesh is an avid photographer as well as a fantastic blogger. His photos are amazing!  Recently he has started a new site where his photographs are available for purchase. I think it's a wonderful idea and I wish him the best of luck with his new venture! And there's more,  if you love his photos you can subscribe to Wednesday Wallpapers. Subscribers will receive one free wallpaper every Wednesday. Another excellent idea! Thank you for this award Bhavesh, you're an inspiration and I'm humbled by your gesture.

Now on to the formalities of accepting this award...

There are some rules with the award:
1. Copy the award image into a post.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Link to their blogs.
5. Notify the award recipients.
6. Award recipients link back to sender's blog.

10 things that make me happy

1. My family & friends-a given. My family is my life & I can't imagine it without friends.
2. Photography-I feel like I can't breathe if my camera isn't with me. Seriously.
3. My pets-my 2 dogs!!
4. Traveling-love new people, places & experiences.
5. Gardening-love growing my own food & enjoying my flowers.
6. Music- would do anything for a live mariachi band right now.
7. Food-my favorite is Mexican!
8. The Arts-all arts!~ Especially the theater.
9.  The sea-a day on a quiet beach is so therapeutic.
10. Blogging-without blogging I wouldn't have met so many remarkable people or made such wonderfully,  fantastic friends!

10 Bloggers That Brighten My Day

1. Jes- Prospero's Cellphone
2. Liz- The making of
3. Jude- Caridad in Crete
4. Maria- Organically Cooked
5. Tobias- tobias cooks! 
6. Spuds- Carrying a Cat by the Tail
7. Gingeyginge- The Adventures of Gingeyginge
8. Krisno- My Life, My Sharing
9. Ivy- Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality
10. Phivos-Travelling-ταξίδια & Phivos Nicolaides

I wish I could have chosen more than 10!

Finally, here's the link to the post in which Bhavesh passed on the award- Blog: Happy 101 Award

Thank you Bhavesh!


  1. thanks cheryl
    i hope one day to improve on my photography skills so that people dont just enjoy my writing, but they can also enjoy my photographs !

  2. You're welcome Maria. And, I'll have you know that I enjoy both your writing and your photography! I DO!! Have a great afternoon Maria~~

  3. Oh! my dear friend Cheryl, thank you very much for your generosity and kindness. Have to tell you that I much enjoy your blog and I am a regular read of it. Hugs and thnak you again.

  4. Thanks Cheryl for the Award. I've been really busy lately and away from blogging but I shall find time and visit your friend Bhavesh. I'd love to learn more about photography.

  5. @ Phivos- You're deserve the award. The blogging community wouldn't be the same without your blogs:) Have a wonderful week!

    @ Ivy- You're welcome. I realize that you've been away & I truly understand. Life has a way of keeping me away from the blog too! ;)
    I hope that you have a fantastic week Ivy!

  6. Thank you Cheryl! You are such a sweetheart! (Of course now this means I have to think up a REAL post on my blog!) Take care and, what a way to launch the week!

  7. I'm so highly obliged Cheryl! You've done a very expressive post!! Thank you so so so so much!!!

  8. Thanks for the award Cheryl..You're so wonderful..i really love to read your blog..Have a wonderful day.

  9. Oh, thank you kind!
    I promise to try and get this on my blog but as I'm working longgggg nights my time is very shoooort!!! for blogging at the moment...but I will try..
    Take care, have a wonderful week x

  10. Seriously?? Pink cupcakes?? GEEZ Cheryl!!! Just so you know, as you can see by my blog, I don't do awards but since you smiled so big I just can't resist! Thanks for all your comments and kind words! Just so you know, all of those pictures of Greece have given me quite a craving for Greek Food! My housekeeper gives me a dirty look every time she vacuums up the errant olive pit that misses the trash can. Oh well... right?? Thanks again! I will be posting your PINK CUPCAKE award this afternoon. (grinning)

  11. Thank you sweet friend.x.

  12. @ Jes- You're welcome and thank you! You deserve it, you're part of why I keep going! And, all of your posts are real, silly! (but I know what you're trying to say) haha

    @ Bhavesh- Thank you again...and YOU'RE WELCOME! It's the least I could do. You've made my week :)

    @ Krisno- You're welcome & thank you for the compliment! I'm glad that you enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere. Have a great week!!

    @ Jude- You're welcome!! Don't worry or hurry-there's no commitment really. I just wanted you to have it so take all the time that you need. You deserve the award! :)
    Have a great night! xo!

    @ Spuds- YOU'RE WELCOME!! lol!! But cupcakes are so delicious, pink or not. I understand about not doing awards...I never did them either but then I received one (my 1st) from someone that I really admire and thought it was fun. I buckled at her gesture. You don't really have to post it...I won't be offended! I just wanted to show you that I appreciate your interest in my little corner of the blogosphere and I love your writing.
    Now, about the olive pit... I second the "oh well"...she's paid to pick it up!! Who cares!

    Thanks for being so great Spuds!!


  13. Gingeyginge--You're welcome. :) xo

  14. Well if GG is getting the award I am going to post mine too! (whisper--- I'm trying to impress her...shhh!)

  15. Thank you Cheryl, this is very sweet of you. What a nice award!

  16. Hi Cheryl,
    Congrats! Well done and well said, I like your top 10 things that make you happy.
    Take care,

  17. Awesome!!! Congrats Cheri! You deserve a lot more credit for your's very beautiful to look at and interesting to read. xoxo

  18. @ Spuds- I think that you've already impressed GG! :)

    @ Tobias- Good morning! You're very welcome. I do truly enjoy your site. I love your recipes! Have a nice day :)

    @ Angela- Thank you!! I hope all is well with you...I'm really behind on my blog rounds. My kids can't stand to see me sit at the laptop & when they're in bed I fall asleep sitting in front of it!
    Have a wonderful day Angela :)

    @ Christie- Thank you Christie!! Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive! Everyone should have a friend like you :) I'm very lucky!
    C xo

  19. Oops! I think I'm the last to get my award! Thanks so much for nominating us too Cheryl! Of course I approve of the cupcakes!!

  20. @ Liz- I HAD to give you the cupcakes! You guys are fantastic & I'm so glad we're friends.
    Happy Anniversary!!


  21. Well a pair of beautiful smiles and a pink cupcake now grace the front page of one of the "manliest" blogs out there! I hope your happy!! (oh how easily I'm swayed)

  22. Spuds- your post was so nice & sweet...thank you. I am happy :)

  23. well done.

    να τα χιλιάσεις...

  24. Vaggelis...ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Have a wonderful afternoon!