Monday, February 1, 2010

Kalo Mina/Καλό μήνα

February started out with a spectacular sunrise from my corner of Greece. We have so many spectacular sunrises and I never tire of photographing or sharing them. I took a moment to snap these photos this morning while in the midst of serving breakfast, packing lunches and laying clothes out for the day. Today started out ok, although I forgot to send Foti's pillow & blanket to school with him...but I can always drop that off later since nap time isn't until the afternoon. But all is well nevertheless. 

Here's a photo of Mount Olympus waiting for the sun's warmth. I absolutely love the clouds. 

This photo was taken from the opposite side of my house. The clouds are reflecting the pink hues of the sunrise to the from the east. Cool and dark with a touch of pink, beautiful. 

Now here's a  photo that I took last night at sunset. It was a windy and cool, not cold. I loved the dramatic look of the clouds looming over Mt. Olympus so as I was driving to the bakery I couldn't resist stopping to snap a few shots. 

Another view from the beach just before sunset last night. Amazing, breathtaking and calming...It was nice for me to step away and take a break, even if only for a few minutes. I hope that you enjoy the photos. 


Sweet Surprise

Yesterday as I was reading a few of my favorite blogs I stumbled upon a sweet surprise. Ivy  from Greek Hospitality passed an award in my direction and I have to say I'm completely, utterly flattered by her gesture. Ivy is an amazing blogger, from fantastic recipes coupled with historic information about the recipes and great photos taken from her travels, her blog is an invaluable resource to foodies and bloggers worldwide. If you haven't visited her site yet I suggest that you do as it's always a pleasure to read. Thank you Ivy, you're an inspiration and I'm so happy that we've become friends. I hope to meet you one day, whether it be in Athens, Thessaloniki or somewhere in between. Thank you. 

In lieu of passing on the award I'll mention a few of my favorite blog friends and their fabulous blogs/sites... 

Laurie-Tastes Like Home-Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska

Just a few to name a few. I wish everyone a great month, καλό μήνα and a fantastic week. I'll leave you with a video from another favorite friend, Damián Lértora .

Music Composed and Performed by Damián Lértora Lyrics/Vox by James Higgins. ©All rights reserved.


  1. Thank you for your comment,those blues are beautiful

  2. Thank you for the recognition! (and thank you thank you for the gorgeous photos- just lovely. an really great way to start the day!

  3. Oh wow, that sunrise picture is spectacular. One of these mornings I am going to get up and go around behind our houses so I can catch a sunrise for a change.

    I think Thanos was taking pictures of the same sunset you did, only from our perspective up high!

    Thanks for the mention, Cheryl.

  4. Amazing shots Cheryl, I am imagining myself on your balcony looking at the skies...

  5. Kalo Mina, Cheryl! Thanks for the photos, you take me back to my second home and cheers to you for the mention.

  6. Awesome shots and very beautiful :) i love them...

  7. Hi & Namaste
    I dropped in through Phivos.You have some great shots - all so breathtaking & magical. Also loved listening to "Hasta Siempre". A very enjoyable experience indeed !
    You are welcome to my blog.

    Best Wishes & Dhanyavad

    Ram from India

  8. Kalo Mina Cheryl. (Blush) Thanks for all those flattering words and I am also very glad to have you as my friend.
    Your pictures are spectacular and I love sunrises. A few weeks ago we got up at 4.30 a.m. to go to Sounio to get some pictures of the sunrise.

  9. @ Gingeyginge- Thank you. I love blues, so calming. Have a great week!

    @ Jes- You're very welcome! I'm that you like the photos, I loved taking them. Enjoy your week :)

    @ Mel- You're welcome. It's ironic that I mentioned you today and you had a new post! I'm so glad!!! Welcome back to blogland :)
    Did you upload any of Thanos' pics? I always love yours too! Great, great view :)
    Have a nice week!

    @ Maria- Well, the time will come when you are sitting here again and we'll both sit on the balcony looking up at the skies!
    Have a great week :)

    @ Peter- Episis! You're welcome. And I'm glad that you liked the pics, I figured since we were there I would snap a few to send your way. Kalh Evdomada Peter!

    @ Krisno- Thank you. I'm always humbled when you compliment my photos, since your a magnificent photographer. Have a wonderful week!

    @ Ram- Namaste. Thank you for your wonderful compliments. Thank you for finding your way through Phivos' blog, he's a wonderful friend. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed "Hasta Siempre" that is truly a magical piece.
    I've just visited your blog and it's amazingly interesting. :) I can't wait to read more.
    Have a fantastic week!

    @ Ivy- Kalo Mina Ivy! You're most welcome. I meant everything that I've said! I'm so glad that you like my pics. Did you post your sunrise shots anywhere? I'd love to see them. I too, have purposely woken up early to catch a few sunrises, especially in Halkidiki.

    Kali evdomada!!!

  10. I love early mornings!! It's truly the ONLY quiet part of my day! I especially enjoy walking out to the horses in the early morning hours in the winter time and watching their breath billow out in the sunlight. We have the best conversations over carrots and hot tea (The hot tea is for me, obviously).

  11. @ Spuds- Yes, early morning is a quiet time. Do you have horses? Your kids must love that. How nice that you're able to spend quiet time with someone that will actually sit quietly ;)
    Thanks for visiting again, have a great Tuesday!

    @ Phivos- Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day :) xo

  12. All the photos are mesmerizing. The views from your place are stunning, really!

    Congratulations on the award; did I forget to tell you that I too have awarded you on my blog? I've given you the Superior Scribbler Award.

  13. Bhavesh,
    Thank you for the compliment, I'm always flattered.

    Thank you for the award, it's a wonderful surprise and I'm honored to be included on such a distinguished list. Thank you!

  14. Sorry, I have to come back in this post to thank you for your so kind gesture and pass me your award! You are a great friend Cheryl Kisses and hugs!

  15. Phivos,
    You're welcome. Thank you for your friendship and support. :)

  16. Thanks so much for the mention Cheryl! Sorry it took me so long to notice :) Things have been very manic around here lately!

  17. Liz, no worries. I know you're busy. And, you don't have to thank me're a wonderful friend :)
    Have a great week...see you on Twitter. xo