Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kozani Apokries/Carnival 2010- part 2

Our carnival adventures on Saturday were fantastic and the weather wasn't uncomfortable. For some reason, the weather forecast wasn't discussed before our trip and nothing was said on Saturday, which isn't normal. We're always talking about the weather and what to anticipate. I think  that we were so wrapped up in the event and keeping the kids entertained that we forgot about the weather.  The photo above was taken early Sunday as I was taking Gigi for her morning walk. The streets were quiet, clean and nearly empty. The weather was mild. 
I returned from our walk and sat down with a cup of coffee and the next thing that I noticed was that it was snowing. Fantastic! The kids love snow and so do I!
As the time passed and the parade was about to begin we were a little concerned only because none of us had the proper shoes for this kind of snow. It was coming down fast and it was a very wet snow, everything was getting wet. We didn't change our plans but we were worried about just how long we would last. 

 This is what it looked like as we ventured out to watch the parade. What a difference a few hours can make! It's the same street that I had photographed early that morning. 

Snow-covered carnival decorations. 

Nearing the center. 

A "big wig" enjoying souvlaki as he walks in the snow. 

 In the center just before parade time. 

A balloon vendor seeks relief from the snow. 

The first parade float...a giant cigar-smoking cupid. 

Children dressed as Christmas trees. The snow was a great prop for this costume. 

Cute costume! 

Despite the wet snow the dancing continued.

These women were having so much fun. They would run out into the street and dance during the parade. Their enthusiasm was infectious! 

The man in the pink wig is the last of the very few photos that I took at the parade because we didn't stay long since we were all soaked and my camera was getting wet. We left the parade early to go home and change our clothes and watch the remainder of the parade on TV. 
Having dried off,  we ate a great dinner and napped so that we would be ready to visit the Fanoi later that night. 

A man drinking wine that was offered at the fanos. He was one of many that led the dancing & singing around the fire. 

A little snow doesn't bother me and  I still  enjoyed dancing around the fire.

The band at a fanos.

Enjoying a complimentary tiropita while taking a break from dancing. See the man with the plate behind me? He was offering the pies. 

After dancing at three separate fanoi, we stopped for some souvlaki

While we waited for our souvlaki, I heard a "Ho Ho Ho" in my ear and received a nudge on my shoulder. Why, it was Santa Claus offering free wine. Thank you Santa, you are too kind!
Finished with our souvlaki, we tucked into a local bar filled with familiar faces for a few more beverages. Our coats and hats were wet and we were still shivering but we managed to enjoy a few more hours of carnival before we headed home to change into warm, dry clothes and finally, get some rest. Despite the snow we had a wonderful time. 


Watch this video to see how much fun it is to dance around a fanos!


Leaving Kozani ,we had a beautiful view of snow-sprinkled mountains

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  1. Cheryl, thank you for taking the time to upload the pics and write up the post. I showed this to my mom and you took her back home!

  2. Now if you just had a little red wagon and a good steep hill!!! Great pics!!!!

  3. @ Peter- You're welcome! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it & reposted it on FB!! You're quick! :)
    I'm so happy that your mom enjoyed this, tell her to stick with me she'll see glimpses of home frequently.
    Thank you for sharing this post, I'm flattered.
    Have a good night and a wonderful weekend:)

    @ Spuds- Oh, you make me laugh. That little red wagon wouldn't have a chance down these hills. Well, maybe it would...
    Thank you Spuds! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. We are going to be taking the horses up the "big hill"! I will post some pictures. TN isn't as "scenic" as Greece, but if you squint real tight and unfocus your eyes a little it is kind of pretty!


  5. Great pictures! What a fun time you all had - even with the snow! (Happy Lent!)

  6. dimitri and i just watched the video - people look as though they really enjoy their carnival up there

    loved your photos cheryl (apart from the snow...)

  7. The kids look so happy enjoying the carnival. Very joyous post :)

    There's Happy 101 Award for your blog on my blog.

  8. @ Spuds- That sounds so wonderful & fun, I can't wait to see your pictures! I don't make comparisons because I believe that there's beauty everywhere. Have fun!! :)

    @ Jes- Thank you!! We did have fun the snow just made things more interesting. Not one of us complained, we just went with it! Happy Lent to you as well...
    Enjoy your day!!

    @ Maria- Carnival is Kozani is a wonderful, unique experience and people come from everywhere to participate. I'm glad that you both enjoyed the post. Kisses from Thessaloniki to Crete! :)

    @ Bhavesh- What can I say? You are phenomenal! I'm so glad that you like the post and I'm utterly flattered to be one of your 10 choices for the award. I'm really moved, thank you! I will post my award proudly as soon as I have the chance!!

    THANK YOU! I hope that you & your wife have spectacular weekend!!



  9. It looks like so much fun. One of these days Thanos and I will have to go to a carnival somewhere.

    So, wait - Santa brings wine to adults? Why hasn't he been bringing me any???

  10. great that you had snow. i envy you. here in Hydra ist was nice but no snow..

  11. Stunning pictures indeed Cheryl. Bravo!

  12. @ Mel- It was incredible. It's getting better for us since the kids are older. Maybe next year you could meet us in Kozani, it's only an hour away!

    And YES...Santa brings wine to adults off his peak have to come to carnival for the wine because he's not resting at the North Pole like everyone thinks-he's partying at carnival! :)

    @ Tobias- The snow was really great to have but it was very messy. Have a beautiful Sunday Tobias :)

    @ Phivos- I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos. Have a fantastic Sunday. Kisses from the Chatzis family to yours! xo

  13. Wow..very interesting..You and your children looks great in the pictures..have fun.

  14. Krisno~
    I'm glad that you like it! Have a fantastic week!!

  15. Thanks for stopping by the blog! It's ok that you can't fix your cars! You can still be s FoS, "Friend of Spuds". :)

  16. Spuds- You're most welcome. I'm a little bit behind on reading my fav blogs & haven't read your most recent post.

    I'm flattered to be included as an FoS! :) So now I'm a pin-up & doesn't get better! :D
    Thank you!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  17. Well it is a very exclusive club!!! We meet the second and fourth Wednesdays for lunch at the Palm for some Lobster Bisque and Steak Oscar and a Cobb Salad. Hope to see you at one of the FoS meetings! :)

  18. Spuds- I haven't had Lobster Bisque in about a year...but I don't think I can manage the commute! :P

  19. Wow that was really fun. Carnival and snow together, what a lovely experience!

  20. one regret as I get ready to leave Greece is that I didn't get to go to any Carnival celebrations. Oh well, at least I can live vicariously though your blog. ;) xoxoxo

  21. OR...see the caps? ...ha ha ...OR you could vacation here during carnival!!!! There's an idea for you :)

  22. Cheryl, Wow! Your celebrations for Carnival look like so much fun. I can't imagine the magic of having snow during such an event like a parade. It makes the whole scene look like a real live "snow globe." Mardi Gras was chilly this year in New Orleans. Cold temps are not particularly welcome because it means having to alter and/or cover up your costume...not to mention it is brutal on the marching bands and their dance squads. Your little girls would love the outfits those girls wear, but you might be shocked how skimpy they are...lots of sequins and sparkles though.

  23. Hi Biddy!
    We really did have a lot of fun. The snow was magical but very wet! So the kids didn't last too long since we were soaked. Our costumes were covered also and we didn't even bother with them for the parade. I love parades in the U.S. and although I've never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans I can imagine how wonderful a parade there might be. There's nothing like a parade in the U.S. And about the dancers and their outfits...I know! My daughter is into Hannah Montana but at least she's dressed. :)