Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Early Morning Walk at the Marina

One thing I haven't done  in a while is post photos that I've taken on the same day as the actual post. I started this morning and I'm motivated to have this up before I go to bed only because today's weather is so spectacular and I want to share just how beautiful of a morning we had. 

Shortly after dropping Izabella off at school I was ready to turn the car around, go to the bakery and then head home. Given the fact that we've been stuck in the house for two days with another nasty virus and that the weather was so beautiful, I decided to take a ride instead. Foti and Alexandra were with me. Foti's school was closed for conferences today and Alexandra doesn't go to school yet.

So, we drove to a local marina to take a walk. It was around 8:30 am and the sea was calm... 

The sky was so blue. 

The kids loved to look at the geese & ducks that live at the marina. 

Fishermen cleaning their nets. As they tossed the fish & other creatures from their nets the seagulls were there waiting to collect. 

Alexandra  posing on a rock, squinting in the bright sunlight. 

A look off of the pier, the water was is so clear. 

I almost missed this as we walked along the pier...

I had to go back to look at it. Someone's boat has sunk!  I feel bad for the owner. We've had a boat sink once and it's difficult to recover and repair a sunken boat. 

Naturally, we were approached by a stray dog. This one was absolutely adorable and luckily I had some doggy treats in the car. This pup worked hard for a treat. It was so sweet and playful. 

The dog loved the attention from the kids. 

Beautiful purple flowers against the natural blue backdrop of the sea. 

And here's a very pleased Foti. He was so happy that he was able to see boats, fishermen, ducks, geese  and so much more this morning. He thought  we were only going to drop his sister off at school and return home, hence his outfit! I told him to get dressed and it's what her threw together for the car ride and I didn't have time to find him anything else.  Besides, it just doesn't matter. 

I hope that you've enjoyed  the photos from our walk. It was so beautiful and quiet. I plan on taking more morning walks now that spring is here.


  1. Ahh, gorgeous pics but that water does look c-c-c-c-cold!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Wow they really are spectacular Cheryl. I need you to take some family pictures for me before we leave. Oh and I feel sorry for the guy with the sunk boat too...poor guy.

  3. Stunning pictures by a gorgeous photographer!!

  4. @ Peter- Thank you Peter~ I'm sure the water is pretty cold right now. It'll be ready in about 2 1/2 months & I can't wait!

    @ Christie- Thank you cupcake. :D I would love to take pics of your family before you leave. Just say when & where!

    @ Phivos- thank you for your stunning compliment! :)

  5. Admit it! You sunk the dude's boat just so you could get such a cool picture! HA! But those were some great pictures! I wish we could see the sun here! We are stuck with the SNOW, still. BLECH!

  6. Beautiful Spring photos!
    Beautiful your kids!

    But the treatment to this beautiful stray dog, is not enough. It wants a home and a family to love it and it will return this love a thousand times more.
    Adopt a stray, not for you. For your kids, like a teacher, at least!

    And also this is not a marina! It is a fishing shelter, in bad condition, for years now, because of your Mayor's inability.
    I say so, because I'm searching this time the conditions of living in your area, about.

    Sorry about this, but it's the truth.
    Many regards from the opposite side of the gulf.

  7. @ Spuds- Yes, I sunk the boat for a photo opp...you got me! Thank you. Spring should be just a few weeks away for you in Tennessee...be patient. Just a little longer :)

    @ΔΥΣΠΙΣΤΟΣ - Never apologize, you didn't say anything offensive. Our city needs a lot of work but I hope they start with our roads first! :)
    I do love this community- everyone is warm and friendly, at least most people I encounter on a daily basis.

    We have taken in strays and our children know and understand completely the situation...both the good and the bad of it. Tarzan was a stray and Gigi was nearly a stray before we took her in. Here's a link to how I brought Tarzan into our family and also, if you do a search with any of our dogs' names of just the word "dog" you'll see how much we love dogs as well as all animals. However, we know our limits. We once had three dogs and now we have two and to care for them properly is a lot of work, as you know. I wish I could help all of them, but I can't. The best I can do is always have extra dog food in my car for the strays.

    Thank you for the compliments and more importantly, thank you for your visit. It's always nice to have you here. Have a nice night. :)

  8. Thankyou for your lovely post, I feel like I have had that wonderful morning walk along the Marina with you! What a way to start the day!

  9. I haven't been good about reading blogs in a while. The snow outside seems to have affected my thoughts, but now with signs of spring creeping up, I picked a perfect day to visit your blog. These wonderful pictures and mini-tour have warmed me right up!

  10. @ Joy- Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm happy that you enjoyed the walk. Today is just as beautiful. :)

    @ Constance- It's great to hear from you. I'm glad to have lifted your spirits a bit. I do remember how the end of winter can be in WI...just waiting for that first nice day. Hang in there, it's right around the corner. Thanks for the visit, it's nice to see you here! :)

  11. First I have to laugh at you being educated in what it means to take in a stray..your house(no offense) is like a freakin zoo you have so many animals running around. Most of them were strays when you took them in, and I find your kids to be the most educated kids I know(especially here in Greece) on the rewards of loving a animal. Second (sorry I couldn't resist)A Marina (according to the online dictionary)is a boat basin that has docks, moorings, supplies, and other facilities for small boats.
    I think that place counts as all of that, maybe a bad one, but a marina none the less.
    Sorry I'll get off my soapbox now, you know how I am..I couldn't resist. Love ya!! xoxo

  12. Christie- Thank you for your support...I know you know how much we love all animals and it's ok to refer to my house as a zoo, you're not the only one that has done so. And yes, I do believe that our kids have the advantage of being educated properly about loving and more importantly, respecting animals. We're trying to provide them with the perfect environment for learning.
    Also, you're right, in the English language our walk took place at a marina. :)

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  14. I knew it! You're a trouble-maker! Here we go and send one of America's best and brightest over there to set a good example and look what happens! Sunken boats! Remind me to tell you what THIS "Ruggedly Good Looking American" did when I waa in Paris!!!

  15. fantastic colors. i love your morning walk.

  16. The pictures so lovely...i always admire your shots..fantastic..

  17. @ Spuds- Yes, I am a trouble maker of sorts, anything for a great photo ;P I can't wait to hear what you did in Paris, I will remind you!

    @ Vaggelis- Thank you so much! I'm always flattered by your compliments.

    @ Krisno- Thank you. I admire your photos as well :)