Friday, February 15, 2008

Alexandra helping me

Foti & Iza enjoying their Valentine cookies

Well our Valentine's Day turned out to be interesting with the praying mantis episode and all. The kids were thrilled with their heart cookies. They said that their teachers loved the chocolate gifts but other than that, no Valentine's Day fun in Greece. Iza went into a rant about how much fun she had last year exchanging Valentine's cards with her classmates and that it would be fun to do here as well. I agreed with her but explained that we're in a new country and that they have different cultural beliefs and don't recognize all of the holidays that we do. I told her that no matter what, we'll always have a special Valentine treat at home.

As for the adults, we didn't run out and do anything silly for one another. Before the kids we used to try and go out for dinner or buy some special treats but that was it. Maybe that's because our wedding anniversary is on the 17th and we really make that day special...if we can. All I want is a nice quiet dinner, that's it. But, this weekend we're going to do something different...(drum roll please) -we're going away for the weekend! I know, we haven't done anything like that since before Iza was born. This is big for me. MIL and SIL will watch the kids and Gigi for the weekend so we can get away. It's really hard for me to leave the kids, I think that I have issues in that department because I have friends and family that go away on weekend excursions regularly without their kids and they seem fine. Who knows, maybe I'll relax and love it and schedule another get away right afterward.

Where are we going? Well, we were going to go to Paris but that was way too expensive! I figure I'll save that kind of money for my trip home to see my family & friends. So that being said, we're staying in Greece. I mean, we are in Greece right? There's plenty of great places that we haven't been to so we figured that we'd drive wherever we're going. So, I won't be blogging for a few days. I can't wait to tell you about our weekend.

totally unrelated-

Last night I got the worst haircut of my life. I couldn't believe it. I haven't been to a salon since October so I really needed a clean up. I was going to call the girl that did my hair then because I really liked her and she made my hair look fabulous. The only thing that bothered me (again) was that she smoked about a half pack of cigarettes while she worked on my hair.
So, Kosta has been to a different salon where they don't allow smoking(surprise!) and he said that I should try it. I really didn't want to because I have seen it and it really looked like an overrated barbershop. Well, he convinced me to go to his guy and he made the appointment. (Why do I listen to him? Why?) I knew that something like this would happen.
So, I walk in to the salon/barbershop last night and was greeted by the owner. He was really, really nice. Next, his wife comes over and says "take off your coat and have a seat"...kind of cold. It turns out that they run this place together and lucky me, I got the crabby wife to take care of me. Next, we pick out the hair color that I wanted. She colors my hair. Let's just say that she wasn't very gentle. The hair color processes and then it's time to rinse it out. "Come to the sink for a massage," she says. Massage, my ass! (sorry everyone) She was so rough with me the back of my neck is sore from being knocked against the sink. She didn't use any conditioner so when it was time to comb my hair she was torturing me. I kept telling her that she was hurting me but I really think that she was pretending that my Greek wasn't good enough for her to understand.
Ok, now that most of my hair has been ripped out of my head with a comb it's time for the "trim". Trim my ass! It was like-snip snip snip....chop....snip snip snip....chop....chop....HACK...chop! I told her that she was cutting it too short and she looked at me like "And?" Ugh! I had asked her to give me a long bang and there was a big CHOP with her scissors and now I look ridiculous. To top it off, she styled it really curly, using the hairbrush method. I've rarely been to a salon here where they actually use a curling iron. They usually use hairbrushes with the blow dryer to curl your hair. -Too bad I didn't want my hair curled- After she finished I just paid her and left. It wasn't her fault really, it was mine for going there. I had to go to the grocery store on the way home and I wish that I would've had a hat. I was so upset and embarrassed. I didn't want anyone to think that this is what I looked like.
When I got home and walked in the door everyone just looked at me with their mouths wide open. Kosta was trying to be nice but I could see right through it. Is it me or shouldn't a "salon" experience be positive? Shouldn't I have been floating around feeling beautiful with my new haircut? Anyway, it happened and I need to let my hideous hair grow. I went in with long hair and now I have medium hair that's kind of a cross between a shag and a mop. I can't wait to wash it and try to make myself look like well, myself again.

I'll be back in a few days. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I hope you're having a fab time!!! You deserve it after going non-stop with changes and putting everything together since August.

    Just a quick note about the haircut. When you find someone in GR that you like, you must stick with them despite the smoking because there's always someone worse (as you found out). I used to get overcharged because I was labeled a "rich foreigner," and I'm always treated badly if I get an Ellinida with regards to any type of service. Sorry to say that, but it's true. I have a gay gentleman I like and a British woman I love.

    My fiance sticks with the same guy as well, driving an hour to get his haircut. Why? He tried someone local on two occasions and got butchered both times at a higher price than his normal guy.

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  2. I think that the "oh-god-what-was-i-thinking-to get-a-haircut -why didn't-i-just-do-it-myself" lament happens about half the time to me - even when I go to the girls here in the neighborhood (who I love). And, truth be told, it used to happen in the states just as often. About the only thing to say is - ugh. (I'll spare you the "well, at least it grows back!") Hopefully it didn't spoil your weekend too much - we're all waiting for pictures and the funny story of how your in-laws coped with things!!

  3. I think that the "oh-god-what-was-i-thinking-to get-a-haircut -why didn't-i-just-do-it-myself" lament happens about half the time to me - even when I go to the girls here in the neighborhood (who I love). And, truth be told, it used to happen in the states just as often. About the only thing to say is - ugh. (I'll spare you the "well, at least it grows back!") Hopefully it didn't spoil your weekend too much - we're all waiting for pictures and the funny story of how your in-laws coped with things!!

  4. Cheryl, I'm so glad to hear you are taking a trip for your anniversary - that's so great. I hope you went someplace wonderful and found a nice hotel.

    Our 25th anniversay is in May and we've always talked about going to Paris. But now I don't know - it's just too much money with the dollar being where it is and if we go in May then we can't afford to go to Greece in the fall (bought the tickets yesterday) and that would make my husband cranky. So I'm thinking maybe San Francisco, but who knows.

    So sorry about your haircut. I had an almost identical experience in the village last September. It's the first time in my entire life that I cried when I got a haircut. I was walking home through the village bawling - it was pretty pathetic. I'm so sorry you had to go through that and I hope it grows quickly!

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad haircut! How was your anniversary trip? It is snowing again today here, only like and inch or so to be expected, better than the 13 inches we were supposed to get over the weekend that we didn't. I hope you are all doing well. Talk to you soon !

  6. What a horrible haircut experience! I've been lucky, I just go with my MIL or SIL to where they go, and I'm treated quite well.

    Nice weekend to go travelling in Greece! I hope you didn't get stuck in snow and had a great time nonetheless. Snowy weather is good for...well, some things. ;)

  7. Kat, Thanks -we had a really nice time. I'll post about it soon.

    I know, about the hair thing. I do have a girl in Kozani also, but that's too far for me to travel. I will definitely go to the one that I found back in October again. She is friends with my Kozani connection!
    I used to have my own personal rule back home, that I would only let gay men do my hair. And, for a while it was so -but then I found my hair goddess. I had my hair done by her for about 8 or 9 yrs. She worked at an Aveda concept salon and it was great. The only thing is that sometimes she would leave blotches of hair color on my forehead, even after I complained about it several times. But, she did make my hair look great.

    Ado-as you have most of the details already I can just tell you that it didn't ruin the trip. Actually, it served as a great laugh several times.Kosta would look at me and say, "Man, she did mess you up!"-and we would just laugh. I did feel bad, however, when the hair color rinsed off on the hotel towels!

    Laurie-Wow! 25 years, that is wonderful! Congratulations! I know, Paris is a little expensive even from here. I can't imagine what it might cost to travel there from Alaska!
    San Francisco sounds like a lot of fun and the weather should be great in May. Plus, you get to go to your island home in the fall. We usually buy our tickets in advance also, good thinking! We're trying to decide when to go back to Wisconsin this summer so that we can lock in our tickets at a reasonable price.
    A bad haircut here? You poor thing. I know, I felt really bad. I need to go back though because my hair is 2 different colors! I don't want to but my husband insists. I want to just move on with my bad hair! It does grow fast, luckily.

    Pumpkin-I can't believe how much snow you've had! It's incredible. We definitley picked the right winter to leave!
    We had a great time on our trip, thanks. I'll call you and I'll post about it as soon as I get the chance.

    Mel-I know, bad haircut experiences are the pits. You are lucky and until last week, I was pretty lucky. I should always follow my instinct!
    We did have a nice weekend, and luckily, we weren't anywhere near the snow. I couldn't believe the media coverage of the snow. I know, it's Athens and they're not used to it, but come on already. If I hear the word "alesidas" once more I think that I'll scream.