Thursday, February 14, 2008

One Year of Blogging!

I can't believe that I hit my 1 year anniversary of this blog and didn't even realize it. It occurred to me yesterday that I must have been blogging for a year as I was talking with Kosta. It was one of those conversations about something totally unrelated and as though I were struck on the head with something I just said, "oh my God, I've been blogging for a year". So, here it is a year this month. So much has happened since I began the blog. I've looked back at my old posts and WOW, things have really changed.

-I've compromised a lot regarding this move, I have the blue bathroom and I live very near chickens and other poultry.
-We've lost our beautiful Amalia who had been a part of our family for 16 yrs. I miss her every day.
-My older brother is in Iraq and my Dad is in Puerto Rico.
-My baby is a toddler now and she's starting to talk.
-My son only understood a few Greek words and now he's speaking more fluently than me.
-My first 1st born is now 5 yrs and I still can't believe it.
-My 3 sisters and 1 brother in Wisconsin have all moved into new homes- only my Mom is where I left her.
-I have a new sister-in-law.
-I have a dog.
-I've made a lot of wonderful new friends both here in Greece and around the world -thanks to this blog.

That's all that comes to mind for now so I think that I'll have a glass of wine to celebrate my own little anniversary. I'll raise my glass to all of you for hanging on...Cheers and Thank You!


  1. Happy anniversary! Mine's March 1, and like you (and most people, I guess) my life has undergone dramatic transformation.

    Ha ha about the poultry. During the bird flu scare, there were regulations about keeping the fowl under roofs and enclosed and such, but one of our neighbors just couldn't take it so he'd let his chickens out to graze every afternoon. We mentioned the regulations (see how naive we were? We thought rules would mean something). We mentioned them again and again until one day when one of the chickens bedded down in our doorway and R went all raging maniac on the chicken lover. So instead of just not letting them out, they went through this huge to-do about having to 'move' the chickens to yia yia's house. Good grief!

    Anyway, happy anniversary. Here's to the next year!

  2. And you didn't include one of the biggest changes of all which is packing up your entire life and moving to Greece. It's a lot to have happen in a very short period of time, and you seem to still have your good nature, which is quite a victory. Hope your brother stays safe...

  3. Happy Anniversary! That *is* a lot of changes.

  4. Syd-Thanks! I'll have a glass of wine on your anniversary as well!

    Funny that you mentioned the birds having to be covered...when we first moved in our neighbor had the birds running all over his yard. Shortly after, he put them in cages. Oh, maybe that was after we told him that his dog's house was too small for her so he cut the door bigger so that she could get inside...????? I'll have to blog about that soon!

    Laurie-Thanks! You're right...I did pack up my entire life. I'm a little slow at unpacking it since I seem to be internally resisting the permance of the whole thing. As for good nature, I think I'm doing ok but my husband might disagree! :)

    Mel-Thanks. Yep, a lot of changes and so many more that I didn't list. Way more than I expected.

  5. Wow, one year already! How cool is that? I haven't even made it there yet.

    I didn't realize the house you bought in the end was the one with the blue bathroom. Oh dear! I remember seeing that photo for the first time like it was yesterday.

    And like I keep saying without seeing that list, you've been through a lot of changes and need to give yourself a break. You deserve it. Filakia