Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I don't know what people do here but Valentine's Day doesn't seem to be a big deal. I've seen about 4 shelves of stuffed animals at the grocery store and not much else. I'm definitely not buying more stuffed animals! I haven't heard anything from the kid's school as to whether there will be anything special happening so I assume that nothing special will happen. We'll see. But, just because there may not be a celebration doesn't mean we won't celebrate. Iza & Foti made paper hearts for their teachers. We tied the hearts around candy bars with red ribbon, although the hearts are orange. Hey-they wanted to make orange hearts and I'm not one to discourage individuality or creativity. So, they'll treat their teachers and hopefully by the time they get home I'll have baked some heart shaped cookies since I found my Valentine cookie cutters. I'm also making them cards because I always do. I hope that all of you that recognize the holiday have a nice one.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Cheri!

    I'm catching up on your blog as I gently peel the stickers off of the Valentine's Dominic wrote out for his classmates and then reapply them. He put them on the wrong way...the names are on the inside. Mom was over today and the kids presented her with their homemade Valentines. Tomorrow we will celebrate with a heart-shaped pizza and individual chocolate lava cakes.

    Your list of changes was interesting...I have been saddened by all of the changes. It could be that it is the middle of February, etc. I'm here in Milwaukee...where is everybody????

    Take care and give hugs and kisses to the babies from me.

  2. I foget to mention, I've been reading the Milwaukee newspaper lately to get the political news. wild times in the state this week..

  3. Happy V-D! My husband is working a shift day, so no Valentine's goodness for me (I think he did this on purpose!). I finally have ADSL though, so who needs husbands??

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Stumbled onto your page from Kats page. Briefly reading some of your posts and saw that you have family in Wisconsin--where I currently live! Would be great to keep in touch as to I will be moving to Greece in the near future...

  5. Joanna, sounds like you had great food for Valentine's day! As we talked yesterday Iza remembered her Valentine's day at school last year and had many questions. But, we had a nice time.
    About the changes...I know. I'm saddened by most of them too. Our family has really, really changed. Hugs and kisses to all of you!

    Laurie-Thank you! I hope that you had a nice Valentine's day as well. About Milwaukee, ugh. I love that city but there's never a dull moment, never.

    TK-Thank you and welcome to the blog! Kat is great isn't she?
    Good luck with your move, I can only wish you the best. I'll check your blog as soon as I get a chance! (it really is a small world isn't it?)

  6. Mel-Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! Hope that you had fun online!!

  7. Happy V day! I know I already wished you such on my site, but I wanted to come over here too :) Thanks for your nice words.