Saturday, February 9, 2008

Last night we went to a birthday party for one of Foti's classmates. It was at a "pethotopo".
The concept of these places is great, parents can sit and have coffee while the kids play. My only complaint is my usual one--there was so much smoke in there. If I were at a bar I wouldn't mind because it's expected but at an establishment made for children to play it's just annoying. Here's the kicker, there were "no smoking" signs everywhere.
We did have a good time though. Iza had her face painted, Foti got to jump and climb with his classmates and Alexandra got to explore and play with new people and toys. I really like that these places have a lot of girls that are there specifically to play with the kids and keep an eye on them, so the adults can actually have a conversation. That's really refreshing. It was one of the first times that we have had the opportunity to meet some other parents which is great because now we can invite some of his buddies over to play. There's another party tonight!

****no pics of Foti because he was playing hard and fast...couldn't keep up with him!****


  1. That has to be the most adorable job of face painting I've ever seen - the nose and mouth are particularly realistic. As for the smoke, είναι κρίμα...αλλά τι να κάνουμε -- the ultimate Greek cop out...

  2. That face painting pic is so cute! They are really talented with that stuff.

    Smoke, I hate it. I wish Greeks would change. My parents are coming for 6 weeks and my dad is so anti-smoking so I am stressing about it big time. At least it will be warmer weather so everything we do can be outside!

  3. Laurie- I know, it was really cute. I let her sleep with it and she was disappointed in the morning after most of it had rubbed off onto her pillow.
    And the smoking-ugh. I just can't believe how ignorant people can be. Smoke all that you want-but give the kids a chance to breathe. I did see some parents at another party downstairs actually go outside to smoke but unfortunately the parents at the party we attended decided to be defiant and they all lit up at once!

    Mel-Welcome back online!! Yay! I'm glad you finally have DSL again!
    About the smoke-it's going to be hard for your father because he'll be exposed to it from the airport on. Don't stress too much since it's beyond your control. It's not like you'll be puffing in his face. :) The warm weather will definitely be a plus. Is it their first time here?

  4. Hey Cheryl :)
    My first time posting you. Your little one looks adorable! Sorry to hear about your hair. How's it looking now?

  5. GreekGoddess-Hi! Welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for the compliments-I think my little one is adorable too!
    My hair? Ugh. Well, it's growing but everday that I look at it and try to work with it I just can't help but think..."what the hell was that woman thinking?" I mean it just doesn't make sense. Anyway, it will grow and I will work with it. Thanks for asking!