Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photo taken by Jack Orton for the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

It seems as though my friends & family have had their share of snow this winter. There was a huge winter storm in Wisconsin yesterday and almost everything was shut down. I used to look forward to those storms! I couldn't wait to be trapped in my home sipping on hot chocolate as I anticipated shoveling the sidewalk. I know, all of you that are Wisconsin probably think that I'm nuts.
We have cameras set up at our house in Milwaukee and I can see just how much snow has fallen. The kids would love it! Yesterday they were so excited when they saw how much snow had fallen outside of our home that they asked if we could go there to play in it. Um, not any time soon but one day we will again.
As much as I love the snow I know that not everyone does so I hope that this is it for you guys this winter, enough is enough. You've really been hit hard this year! I hope that all of you at home are safe and warm! I'll send warm thawing thoughts your way!!


  1. I can tell you that I am really enjoying my heated parking garage, and I am thankful I don't have to shovel anymore! Hope you are all doing well !

  2. it was beautiful yesterday, and still is today! yeah, it was a bear clearing the snow (and then i went and helped my mom do hers), but it is pretty.

  3. pumpkin-Your move did come at a great time. I'm sure that you don't miss shoveling since you were on a corner! Heated parking sounds great too. I loved it when we had it. Stay safe!!Love you!

    Linda-I'm sure that it was really beautiful, especially with your view. I know about the shoveling too, I start out enjoying it and then it just gets exhausting with that much snow especially when you have to do more than one house. I hope that you're all doing great! Say "hi" to the boys for us!