Friday, February 15, 2008

Holy Mantis!

Yesterday, I was in the yard and I started to pull some old lilies out of the flower bed. A little while later I was going into the house when I noticed something brown on the front of my coat. I thought that it was a stick or something so as I was ready to brush it off -oh crap-it's a praying mantis! I'm sure that this little guy really meant no harm but he really scared the hell out of me. I slowly took off my coat and tried to shake him off, but he was just stuck to it. So I ended up dropping my coat on the porch. The mantis is actually on the inside of my coat in the photo. I finally gathered up enough strength to take it over by the bushes and shake some more and he fell off. Can't wait to see my first snake...


  1. That's very cool picture. It almost looks unreal.

  2. Thanks Laurie! I know, it almost seemed unreal when it was looking up at me! I was amazed when it turned its head and looked at me. Freaky little things! I went to do some yard work yesterday and I was a little more cautious, I didn't want to meet him again. :)