Wednesday, June 27, 2007

After a few extremely exhausting days I think that I have gained most of my strength back. We are caught in the middle of a heat wave and it's been at least 90 degrees F every day. That wouldn't be so bad if the dew point weren't in the 70's. It's been so sticky! I'm so thankful for my central air and wonder how I will cope without it next month. I guess I'll just have to sit in the sea a lot.

I haven't had time to keep up with the news but I did manage to learn that our Paris Hilton was released from jail yesterday. Boy, I'm glad. Now , I can move out of the country. I just don't get it, she is an heiress, right? So why didn't she have a driver or someone drive her for her late night burger that landed her in jail. And if she was driving on a suspended license, that is even more pathetic. The most pathetic thing about the whole story is that she received so much media attention regarding the jail sentence. It's a shame that our media focuses on our celebrities so much, even when they are criminals, when there are truly tons of other news events happening in our country and across the globe that warrant more attention than this pathetic heiress. So, I will stop giving her more air time now.

I do want to mention that now I know how to make naughty kids...just don't pay any attention to them. As we have been so busy with the move my answer to any of their requests has been, "not now", " maybe later" or " just watch some TV." It saddens me to have done that, but the last few days have been chaotic. Izabella and Foti are fighting constantly. Now Foti has learned that biting his sister could get him some attention, negative attention, but attention nevertheless. What also doesn't help is that the kids have almost no toys to play with and our house is nearly empty. Luckily, my sister, Joanna, had them for a little while on Monday as well as our neighbor, Lisa. And Lisa, is SO wonderful that she brought over her daughter's play kitchen and a whole basket of toys for them to play with until we leave. (What will I do without her?)
Since things have slowed down a bit I have been able to sit and read with them and even enjoy lunch with them again. I am the type of mom that will let dust bunnies run free in my home before I will let my kids down. Yeah, I know, where am I moving? The country where everyone constantly sweeps their balconies and clean is never clean enough. Anyway, back to what I was talking about... Having been so busy makes me realize just how important it is to have the time to spend with your kids and that it has put into perspective (once again) just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to stay home with mine. The next time I want to complain about how tired I am or how unappreciated I feel, I will think about how sad they have been without me doing what I normally do.


  1. The heat wave here in Thessaloniki has been over 100 degrees! It is supposed to abate by Friday, but more could come next week.

    I don't know why celebrity things started making "real" news. I can understand if someone dies, but Paris Hilton going to jail, getting sent home, going back, and all that is ridiculous. I'm glad she is out so maybe she will just shut up for now.

    Your poor children! I'm glad you have some time with them again. Thanks for the tip just in case we end up having kids - no attention = bad kids! Hmm, I wonder if that is what is wrong with Ms. Hilton??

  2. Mel,
    Our heat wave is over today. It will in the 70's here today so that perfect. I hope that yours is over soon too!
    Yes, the kids are very happy to have mommy back. We went for a long walk last night and they got their favorite milk at Starbuck's and we stopped in the bookstore. Just one of the things we do together that they enjoy!

  3. cheryl - I just came back from Zakynthos, and jesus was it hot with wet blanket humidity and mosquitos ready to swoop on me. Sweating bullets 24/7. My only escape was my air cond hotel room! Even the sea was warm...bleck!

    We're back in Athens and it's 46C in the house. I think I passed out for a couple hours.

    We're supposed to get back down to 35C starting tomorrow, which is cooler but still quite hot (90s). Get ready to sweat, girl!

  4. Kat,
    I know, it's going to be HOT over there when we arrive. I really can't stand heat. I am more worried about the kids than myself. I hope that we can make them comfortable, they've never had to sweat in their sleep so far in their little lives. We are all in for a big adjustment!
    I always forget about the mosquitos too! I did buy some "OFF" but we'll have to make sure that we have plenty of "Vapona" in the apartment as well. Let's see how much I am whining in a few weeks!