Thursday, June 21, 2007


I really can't stand when people talk on their phones and drive inattentively. What's worse is when they talk on their phone and try to back up. For instance. tonight we were outside for a little while after we saw my sister, Gina, to her car. Shortly after our last wave good-bye an SUV came barreling up our driveway so that it could turn back in the direction from which it came. I sneered at the driver, who was a young, attractive woman -talking on her cell phone. Never mind that she could have hit my children if she would have appeared 1 minute sooner but what's worse is that after she made eye contact with me, she backed up into a car right behind her on the other side of the street. She stopped her car after I told her that she dented the car behind her. How could she not realize that she totally backed into that car? Next, she hangs up her phone and hops out of her SUV to assess the damage. Let me just say that she was still holding her precious phone in her hand and also not wearing any shoes. How can people drive without shoes? Those pedals are not easy on the feet! Anyway, her jaw dropped when she saw the HUGE dent that she put on the parked car. Her next move was to stop and look at us for a second before she slowly tried to make her way back into the driver's seat. My jaw dropped and then she stopped and said, " do you know whose car this is?" Sweetie, of course we don 't know whose car it is. There are only 10 apartment buildings in a 2 block radius! Next she says, " oh, then should I leave a note with my information on it?" Ah, yes....duh. So she wrote a note and put it on the car's windshield. Then she drove away....duh. If Kosta and I had not been outside she would have never stopped. Apparently, she had another important call to make.
I called the police and they told me to just look at the note that she left on the car to verify that everything seemed legitimate, as well as leave a note in the case that the owner of the dented car needed a witness. I think that it's a shame that the police don't want to respond to situations like this anymore. So, I wrote a note and shoved it through a crack in the window. I will probably get a call in the morning.


  1. Ugh, I hate to hear that people in the U.S. are getting like that with their cell phones! When I first moved to Greece, cell phones were still not quite as widespread in America, so I was dumbstruck by all the people in Greece who seemingly had their cellphones surgically implanted!

    It is supposed to be illegal to talk and drive in Greece, and I thought it was in the U.S. too. And why is ALWAYS someone in a big SUV doing stuff like that?

  2. Melusina,it's not illegal to talk on the phone while driving in Wisconsin, yet. We can still talk and drive without a headset. In Illinois it is definitely illegal to talk without using a headset, but as long as you have one you can talk and drive. I'm not really sure about other states.
    Is it really illegal in Greece? Or can you talk on the phone as long as you use a headset?
    About SUVs, I think that they are just big and when people drive them they feel a false sense of security.(?? ) I have had friends tell me that they feel on top of the world when driving their SUV, invincible. In this case I think it was a combination of the big vehicle and the ditzy 20 yr old driving it...with no shoes!
    Thanks for coming back! :)

  3. According to my husband, only open speaker talking is legal here, so phone or headset is out.

    Where I lived in Nashville, there was a neighborhood real close to me that was filled with 20-somethings driving SUVs, and driving them very, very badly. I can only imagine that these people all have cellphones now. Ugh!

  4. Laws exist for a lot of things, but are often not enforced. They say it's because of being short staffed, but I think we all know it's laziness.

    In NY, it's illegal to drive even with a hands-free and the fine is quite high.

    Mel's husband is right about Greece, only open speaker. But I can tell you that a lot of people are driving with one hand, one ear and zero brain.